The SWAP’n’GO GREEN product has been discontinued.

If you have a SWAP’n’GO GREEN bottle, you can exchange it for an 8.5kg steel bottle at any SWAP’n’GO® dealer, at the steel swap price.

We have requested that all sites accept the changeover of green cylinders to steel, regardless of whether they stocked green cylinders in the past.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.



Award winning BBQ gas bottle design from SWAP’n’GO.
Lightweight, rust free, improved safety, comfortable ergonomic handles and more.

The Award

SWAP’n’GO GREEN® was recognised with an Australian International Design Award

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards recognise superior design and innovation in Australia and provide consumers with an independent indicator of quality and value for professionally designed products available on the Australian market.

Compared to standard LPG cylinders, SWAP’n’GO GREEN offers superior ergonomics, increased durability and safety, is fully recyclable and is environmentally friendly.

New Design

It’s the first LPG cylinder designed with both the consumer and the environment in mind.

SWAP’n’GO GREEN cylinders have two opposing handles, instead of one which make it easier to carry and have been designed to naturally fit the human hand for ease and comfort.

New thermoplastic material provides lightness to the cylinder.

SWAP’n’GO GREEN cylinders have improved safety features such as a valve that will not allow the release of gas unless a regulator is attached.

The steel liner provides good heat transfer necessary for good vaporisation, as well as an impermeable layer, eliminating the possibility of gas permeation through the cylinder wall.

The SWAP’n’GO GREEN cylinder is durable, rust free, and impact resistant. It is suitable for all types of weather and environments, including coastal areas.

The plastic outer jacket provides protection against shock, UV radiation and corrosion.

The composite reinforced construction with steel inner liner makes the SWAP’n’GO GREEN cylinder stronger than other cylinders.

The design eliminates significant swap system refurbishment processes and emissions.

The material used provides a clean manufacturing process, with no dangerous emissions, making it friendly not only to the environment but also to workers and end consumers.

NOTE: SWAP’n’GO gas bottle refills are sold by independent dealers who set there own SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices. Please see SWAP’n’GO Prices for information on SWAP’n’GO gas bottle prices.