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BBQ Food Safety & Preparation

BBQ food safety & preparation tips.
How to have a fun, safe & healthy BBQ season from SWAP’n’GO.

Everybody loves a BBQ, especially Australians!

Please remember that there is always a risk of food illness if food isn’t handled and stored correctly.

Outdoor cooking provides an even greater challenge, when you remove food from a clean kitchen and refrigeration.

The risk of spoilage increases with warmer temperatures.

Lack of proper cleaning facilities, including hand washing, adds to the concerns.

Windborne contaminants, insects and animals also contribute to the risk.


Suggestions to keep your BBQ season fun, safe and healthy:

• Always keep meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and any other food that requires refrigeration in a fridge or iced cooler until just before cooking or eating.

• Refrigerate all salads, dips and other perishables, especially those made with mayonnaise, until just before serving.

Return them to refrigeration a soon as you are done serving.

• Don’t let uncooked meat, poultry or seafood come in contact with other foods or common food surfaces.

• Keep them refrigerated in leak-proof containers to avoid contaminating other foods.

• Keep food covered to protect against windblown dirt, insects and animals.

• Make sure that food is cooked thoroughly. Heat meat to a minimum of 75°C, if you use a meat thermometer.

Poultry should be cooked until the meat is all white, with no pink remaining. Meats should be cooked until the juices coming out of the meat are clear.

• Don’t use dirty or cracked eggs.

• All egg dishes must be fully cooked.

• Do not make or serve dishes that use raw eggs.

• Do not re-use plates or utensils that were used for raw meats, poultry or seafood.

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If in doubt, throw it out!

This is especially true of any perishable food that was without refrigeration for more than four hours

Preparation Is Important

• Pre-prepare as much of the food as possible.

You should pre-cut any meats and salads, in your kitchen, before venturing outside.

• Prepare all foods, including dishes like potato salad, far enough ahead so that they are completely cooled before the BBQ.

• Anything that requires refrigeration at home should go into your cooler.

Make sure you allow enough room for the food and ice, even if it means more than one cooler.

• Don’t skimp on the ice! Make sure you have enough to keep everything cold until the end of the outing.

Keep your cooler in the shade to help the ice last longer.


Cleanliness Counts

• Cleanliness is as important at a BBQ as it is in the kitchen.

• Please remember to wash your hands before and after handling raw foods.

Use clean water, soap, and clean or disposable towels.

• Use disposable wipes or a hand sanitising product, if there are no hand wash facilities available.

• Keep the outdoor cooking area clean.


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Enjoy your BBQ!

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