SWAP'n'GO BBQ Gas Bottles 9kg & 4kg


SWAP'n'GO GREEN is better in every way.

Winner of the prestigious AIDA Design Award, it's a revolutionary new BBQ gas bottle.

Features • Advantages • Benefits

  • Lighter weight than a typical steel cylinder for easier lifting

  • Comfortable ergonomically designed twin handles for a more comfortable carry

  • Rust free coastal friendly exterior so you can use it anywhere & it will always look good

  • Steel inner cylinder with strong composite reinforced wrapping

  • Dent-free durable impact resistance outer shell

  • Improved safety valve that will not allow the release of gas unless a regulator is attached

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  SWAP'n'GO GREEN has a steel liner wrapped in composite with a durable outer shell

SWAP'n'GO GREEN liners being wrapped in composite material

SWAP'n'GO GREEN testing and quality control