Bunnings now supplies SWAP’n’GO gas bottles.   

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Bunnings now supplies genuine SWAP’n’GO® gas bottles.  Insist on genuine SWAP’n’GO gas bottle quality, safety & convenience when you exchange your BBQ gas bottle (patio gas bottle).


SWAP'n'GO Gas Bottles are Fast, Safe and Easy

Swap any 9kg or 4kg* BBQ gas bottle sizes at your local SWAP'n'GO® gas bottles outlet 

  • SWAP'n'GO BBQ Gas Bottles

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  • 4kg SWAP'n'GO gas bottles with regular & Camper Valves

  • No waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station

  • Swap for a fresh BBQ gas bottle (patio gas bottle) every time

  • SWAP'n'GO gas bottles The 4kg or 9kg* SWAP'n'GO gas bottles are yours to keep

  • Thousands of SWAP'n'GO gas bottles outlets, city and country

  • You can swap any brand of BBQ gas bottle at SWAP'n'GO.

  • Receiv inspected, tested and safely filled SWAP'n'GO gas bottles.

  • You never have to worry about checking test dates, SWAP'n'GO gas bottles are always in date.

  • Don't have a bottle to swap?  No problem!  You can purchase full SWAP'n'GO gas bottles without a trade-in.

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See our BBQ LPG Gas Bottle Sizes page for dimension info on 9kg and 4kg LPG BBQ gas bottle sizes


*Actual fill of "9kg" BBQ gas bottle sizes (gas cylinder sizes) is 8.5kg.  Actual fill of "4kg" BBQ gas bottle sizes is 3.7kg.

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