Get Quick Gas Service with SWAP'n'GO! 

SWAP’n’GO is your choice for quick gas exchange service. No long warehouse lines, walks from distant parking, refill gas bottle at petrol station or searching for help.

Insist on genuine SWAP’n’GO BBQ gas bottle quality, safety & convenience when you exchange your SWAP’n’GO 9kg BBQ gas bottle.


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SWAP'n'GO is Fast, Safe and Easy

Swap any 9kg or 4kg BBQ gas bottle at your local SWAP'n'GO® outlet 

  • SWAP'n'GO is fast!  No waiting in long warehouse lines or long hikes from distant parking

  • SWAP'n'GO is local!  No wasted time or petrol driving out of your way

  • Help is at the ready!  No hunting for someone to help4kg & 9kg gas cylinder refills

  • 4kg BBQ gas bottle sizes (gas cylinder sizes) with regular & Camper Valves

  • No waiting to have your 4kg or 9kg* BBQ gas bottle (patio gas bottle) to refill BBQ gas bottle at petrol station

  • Swap for a fresh BBQ gas bottle every time

  • The 4kg or 9kg BBQ gas bottle sizes (gas cylinder sizes) are yours to keep

  • Thousands of outlets, city and country

  • You can swap any brand of BBQ gas bottle at SWAP'n'GO.

  • Receive an inspected, tested and safely filled BBQ gas bottle.

  • You never have to worry about checking test dates, SWAP'n'GO BBQ gas bottles are always in date.

  • Don't have a bottle to swap?  No problem!  You can purchase full BBQ gas bottles without a trade-in.

See our BBQ Gas Bottle Sizes (gas cylinder sizes) page for dimension info on 9kg & 4kg BBQ gas bottle

*Actual fill of a "9kg" BBQ gas bottle size (gas cylinder sizes) is 8.5kg.  Actual fill of a "4kg" BBQ gas bottle size (patio gas bottle) is 3.7kg.

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