GasTools® is a free app designed specifically for Australian gas fitters

It provides information on vaporisation, pipe sizing, exclusion zones, LPG conversion factors and more…


• 45kg vaporisation chart

• LPG tank vaporisation chart

• Pipe sizing calculator

• Cylinder size chart

• LPG conversion values

• Propane conversion values

• Cylinder placement specifications


• The 45kg vaporisation chart specifies the number of 45kg cylinders required based on temperature and gas load, in either MJ or BTU.

• The LPG tank vaporisation chart shows the maximum gas load for various vessel sizes and at various temperatures.

• Pipe sizing calculator works in either MJ or BTU loads. It provides data for both single stage and two stage systems.

• The cylinder size chart provides dimensions, capacities, weights and energy content for various cylinder sizes.

• The LPG conversion values include: kg, litres, megajoules (MJ), kWh & cubic meters (m³) for common gas bottle sizes.

• The propane conversion values include: Pounds, Gallons, BTUs, Therms & ft³ for popular non-metric gas cylinder sizes.

• An illustrated guide explaining the proper and safe placement & clearances for LPG gas cylinders including distances from ignition sources, wall openings and below ground spaces, such as drains or pits.

GasTools is available in both Android & Apple versions and it’s totally free!

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