Elgas LPG Delivery Coverage Areas

Elgas can deliver LPG to more than 95% of Australians


We’ve Got You Covered

Listed below are some of our major delivery areas.

With 15,760 localities in Australia, there are just too many to list them all!

If your area is not shown, please call us on 131-161 and we will be happy to let you know if we service your area.

With over 45 local Service Centre Depots and hundreds of local agents and distributors, we probably do!

Please also see Your LPG Gas Supply & Delivery Options



Check if Elgas delivers in your area

Please call us on 131 161 if you cannot find your location:




Please note that the post codes shown may be serviced by either an Elgas branch, agent or distributor.

There may be some isolated localities listed, or specific areas within localities, where we may not be able to provide delivery.

Deliveries may be by tanker refill, cylinder exchange or both options may be available, depending on the area.

In addition, there may be some unlisted localities that we do service.

Cities and towns shown include the surrounding areas, as well.