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Learn More: LPG & Natural Gas Appliances

Learn more about LPG and natural gas appliances from this compilation of popular blogs.

They include comparisons, How-To, and plain English explanations to FAQs for gas appliances…

Ultimate Glossary for LPG & Natural Gas Appliances

Questions about LPG terminology? Definitions for all terms relating to LPG & natural gas appliances, including links to in-depth articles, in this full glossary…

Gas Appliance Maintenance, Service & Safety

Keep your family safe and save money, too. Home LPG and natural gas appliances need to be regularly checked and have routine planned maintenance to be safe & efficient…

Gas Appliance Certification & Labelling

You see certification labels on gas appliances. What do they mean & why are they crucial? Australian LPG & natural gas appliances must be certified as safe for sale…

How We Switched to All Gas Appliances in a Day

Find out how we got gas hot water, cooking and heating installed in our home in just one day. Discover how very easy and affordable it really was…

Think LPG Gas When Building a New Home

You can build your new home with gas no matter where you live. LPG has advantages over the all-electric alternatives, including gas cooking. Learn more…

My LPG in My Home - I Love My LPG

I love my LPG. My LPG home is so much better than living in my old all-electric house. Let me tell you all about it and how easy it is to manage & use…

LPG Powered Tiny House

What is a tiny house and how can it be powered by just LPG? Learn this and more in a fascinating tale of innovation, conservation and imagination…

Never Use a Gas Stove or Oven as a Space Heater

Gas stoves and ovens are for cooking only. They are not designed or intended for use as space heaters. Improper use can be dangerous or even fatal…

Gas Fitters, Gas Fitting & Gas Plumbers

You must use licensed gas fitters for all gas related projects, including appliance installations, repairs & maintenance.

Not all plumbers are experts in all products and some aren’t even gas fitters. How do you find the right gas fitter? Who do you call? Here’s the answer…


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