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Elgas Quietly Supports the Community

Someone once said the only true form of philanthropy is anonymous. Elgas subscribes to that philosophy, quietly supporting the Australian community for years…

Elgas People Helping People

Elgas is proud of its people and some of them do some really amazing and wonderful things. We’d like to start sharing some of their stories with you…

Elgas to the Rescue with Helicopter LPG Delivery

The little town of Coopers Creek needed help, as they were cut-off by a landslide. That help came from Elgas & the SES, delivering LPG via helicopter…

No Overseas Call Centres for Elgas

There will be no overseas call centres for Elgas. We believe that being & staying local, using local branches, is a critical part of our customer service…

No Door-to-Door Sales People for Elgas

We doesn’t use door-to-door sales people or high pressure sales tactics. We earn our customers through referrals and with the information that people need…

Effortless LPG – A Quick Self-Assessment

See if your home qualifies for automatic tanker delivery with this easy self-assessment. Your home gas deliveries could be hassle free, Effortless LPG™…

Hide Those Home LPG Gas Bottles!

Now you can hide your home LPG gas bottles underground. Find out about EasyGas DownUnder™ and all of the advantages of underground LPG storage…

Effortless LPG: LPG as Easy as Natural Gas

Get Effortless LPG™. LPG as convenient as natural gas with automatic tanker delivery. Never check gas bottles or have to order gas again. Learn more now…

Ordering LPG Gas, Online, by SMS or Automatically

You get your choice of 6 fast and easy ways to order your LPG gas. You can even get automatic deliveries, so you never check gas bottles or order again…

Order LPG in 5 Seconds Anywhere Anytime

You can order your LPG in 5 Seconds from anywhere at any time. Learn how to order your LPG from anywhere in the world 24/7 with an easy Text (SMS) message…

SWAP’n’GO Gets Ready for Christmas

SWAP'n'GO gets ready for Christmas months in advance so you have BBQ gas when you need it. Get the inside story on how it all happens…

10 Reasons Why SWAP’n’GO is Better than Refilling

Why should you use swap instead of refilling? The simple answer is that you are getting much more than just the gas. Here are 10 reasons swap is better…

Australia’s First LPG App Now Available

Now you can order, pay & manage your LPG with the new EasyApp™ for your iPhone, iPad or Android. It’s FREE from the Apple or Google Play Store.

How to be an LPGenius

LPGenius is a home LPG service based on the philosophy that homeowners have better things to do than worrying about ordering & paying for your home LPG!

QR Codes Make LPG Easy

QR codes are those funny looking squares with little square dots. Now you can use them to order/pay for your LPG. Just scan the QR code & order or pay…

New Elgas Web Site with Responsive Web Design

The Elgas web sites are now compatible with all screen sizes. The view is resized & reformatted to fit the user’s screen for a better user experience…


Meet Geoff Perks: National Training & Development Manager

Meet Russell Brown: National Technical Projects Manager



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