Moving Home – Your Checklist

  • Create a list of people, companies and organisations that you need to notify of your new address. Register for Australia Post mail redirection service, for all of the people and companies you might forget.
  • Book a removalist well ahead of the move. Get and compare quotes for your specific needs, including insurance.
  • Consider packing non-essentials in advance. Star packing a box or two a day well before the move.
  • Clearly mark boxes with their contents and the room they go in so they get placed in the right room the first time.
  • Moving is always a great time to get rid of clutter. Discard things you no longer use. Give them to charity or plan a garage sale.  Throw out as much rubbish as you can as early as possible, as rubbish bins can fill up fast if you wait for the last minute.
  • Examine the floor plan of your new home and consider selling or donating any unneeded or extra furniture.
  • Allow time to sort through your attic, garage or garden shed.
  • Organise disconnection and reconnection of your telephone, gas, electricity, water, internet and cable TV. Don’t forget to ask for a refund on any deposits you may have paid when you started.  Please call us on 131 161 for your LPG needs.
  • Update your driver's licence, car registration, car insurance and voter registration.
  • Organise insurance on your new home and terminate the insurance on your old home, after you move out, so you can claim a refund.
  • Advise service providers like cleaners, gardeners and pool maintenance when you will be moving and when you would like your last service call. Don’t forget to transfer or cancel any gym, library, club or other memberships.
  • Remember to turn off the refrigerator, freezer and washing machine far enough in advance to allow for defrosting and drying. Leave the door on the fridge and freezer open as long as you can to make sure they are completely dry. An open box of baking soda, inside the fridge, can help absorb odours.
  • Organise cleaners to clean your old house after you move out and your new house before you move in. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you keep the cleaning supplies from being packed. This is especially important if you are renters and want to get your entire bond back.
  • Prepare an essentials case including medications, important papers, small valuables and personal items that you will need. You should keep this with you during the move.
  • Get copies of your family’s medical, dental and veterinary records, if you are moving far enough away that you will be changing doctors.
  • Plan what you’re going to do with young children on the day of the move. Consider organising a babysitter, friends or relatives to care for them during the move.
  • Get your pets ready for the move. Have their micro-chip details updated and their vaccinations brought up to date, as you may wish to board them during the move.
  • Pack a case for your pet, too. Have a leash, water bowl, favourite treats and toys available before, during and after the move. 
  • Start as early as possible on moving day. It always takes longer than you think.   
  • Make sure you are ready, as most removalists charge by the hour.  
  • Consider changing the locks on your new home and get some extra keys cut..
  • Make sure your gas, electricity, phone, etc. are connected when you move in or even the day before.  Please call Elgas for your LPG.
  • Pre-plan where each piece of furniture is going to go.
  • Check out your new neighbourhood. Find the essentials like supermarkets, banks and petrol stations.  
  • Find out what day rubbish and recycling are collected. It’s a great reason to greet your new neighbours!   


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