FAQs for Moving Home with LPG Gas

New Customers get $80 worth of LPG gas account credits!

FAQs for Moving Home with LPG Gas

Moving home can be very stressful. 

Having all the answers, before you move, makes it a lot easier…

What should I do when I am moving out?

Please just call us on 131 161 and let us know. 
We only require a minimum of two business days’ notice.
You do need to pay any outstanding balance on your account before you move. 
You may also request a credit for any unused LPG but you must do so when you notify us that you are moving out. 
Any credit due will be issued after we have had an opportunity to collect the gas bottles and determine how much gas, if any, remains unused.

What happens to the gas bottles after I move out?

We will collect them from the residence after you move. 
You need not worry, as it is our responsibility to collect them.

What should I do when I am moving in?

If your new residence has LPG gas, you should call us on 131 161 to set up a new account number for the new residence. 

You may also Open a New LPG Gas Account Online

Try to do this before you actually move in so we can make sure we coordinate your first delivery.

What if there are already gas bottles at my new home?

First, you just Open a New LPG Gas Account Online

Then you simply order gas when you need it.

If the gas bottles are from Elgas, we just exchange the bottles. 

If the bottles are from another supplier, we will remove the old bottles when we bring you your new full gas bottles. 

We will also return the old gas bottles for you, at no charge. 

You can just sit back and relax while we handle everything!

Do you charge a connection fee?

No. We do not charge any connection fee.

What if I don’t know how home LPG gas bottles work?

We support you with comprehensive information and instructions. 
See our Mover's Guide to Using Home LPG Gas Bottles  for everything you need to know.  
You are not alone!

Are there any special deals for people who move?


We offer you our House Warming Package with $80 worth of gas account credits if you are new to Elgas. 

Just ask for promotion PMRE when you open your new account.


Please see important information for New Users of Home LPG 

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A House Warming Package For Your New Home

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Quote code PMRE* to get your House Warming Package