Propane domestic LPG gas bottle-cylinder sizes chart - domestic LPG gas bottle-cylinder dimensions - propane-LPG gas bottle-cylinder sizes

Various LPG gas cylinder sizes & gas bottle sizes Australia

See BBQ LPG Gas Bottle Sizes for 4kg & 9kg gas bottle dimensions

LPG Gas Bottle Sizes Chart - LPG Gas Cylinder Sizes | Propane Gas Cylinder Sizes  - Propane Tank Sizes - Propane Bottle Sizes

LPG gas bottle sizes (LPG gas cylinder sizes) are various sizes of steel vessels for storing the common LPG gases, propane or butane. LPG gas bottle sizes (LPG bottle sizes) come in a range for residential and commercial applications.

Home LPG gas bottles sizes (LPG gas cylinder sizes) come in 45kg, 90kg and 210kg. Commercial LPG tank sizes start at 0.5 tonnes and go upward from there to 50 tonnes and even larger LPG tank sizes. A good conversion rate to remember for cylinder capacity is that 1 kilogram is approximately equal to 1.96 litre of LPG.

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Propane-LPG Gas Bottle Sizes | Domestic Propane-LPG Gas Cylinder Sizes

Propane-LPG gas bottle sizes (LPG gas cylinder sizes) include: 4kg, 9kg, 15kg, 45kg, 90kg and 210kg propane bottle sizes, which are our most common domestic LPG gas bottle-cylinder dimensions for homes. High volume users have the larger LPG tank sizes.

9kg and 4kg LPG gas bottle sizes (LPG bottle sizes) Australia are for BBQ, camping and leisure activities.

Propane gas bottle-cylinder sizes are the same as LPG gas bottle sizes, as they are just different names for the same things. 

Propane gas bottle-cylinder sizes vary by country. The above are domestic propane gas bottle sizes Australia.

In contrast to the above, the weight of domestic cooking gas cylinders in India is 14.2 KG and they contain a mixture of both propane and butane.

Propane-LPG gas bottle-cylinder sizes, weights and gas bottle dimensions shown are approximate.

Actual domestic LPG gas bottle-cylinder dimensions may vary.

45 kg Propane-LPG Gas Bottle Sizes

45 kg LPG Gas Bottle

• 45kg gas bottle-cylinder dimensions (LPG bottle sizes) are the most common size for domestic use.

• This is the LPG gas cylinder size (LPG bottle sizes) used for our cylinder Exchange Service.

• Two 45 kg LPG gas bottles can also be used for our convenient and exclusive EasyGas™ Automatic Tanker Delivery service

• A typical installation has one or two 45kg gas bottle dimensions

• 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Capacity: 88 litres

• 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Diameter: 375mm

• 45kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Height: 1250mm

Please see our illustrated Gas Bottle-Cylinder Placement Guide

90 kg Propane-LPG Gas Cylinder Sizes

90kg gas bottle-cylinder size

• 90 kg gas cylinder sizes (propane bottle sizes) are the second most common size for home use

• This LPG gas cylinder size is commonly used with our EasyGas service

• Typical installation is one cylinder

• 90 kg is also used with our EasyGas DownUnder™ underground LPG gas storage system

• 90kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Capacity: 176 litres

• 90kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Diameter:  510mm

• 90kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Height:  1300mm

210 kg LPG-Propane Gas Cylinder Sizes

210kg LPG gas cylinder sizes / gas bottle sizes

• 210 kg gas bottle-cylinder sizes (propane bottle sizes) are provided for high volume use

• Filling is via our EasyGas tanker delivery service

• 210kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Capacity: 411 litres

• 210kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Diameter:  760mm

• 210kg Gas Bottle-Cylinder Dimensions Height:  1450mm

Propane gas bottle-cylinder sizes shown are approximate.  

Actual gas cylinder dimensions may vary slighty.

Capacity based on propane conversion factor of 1.96 litres per kg.


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