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Now you're cooking...with LPG! 

LPG Gas Cooktop for Your Home - Kitchen Cooktops

There's simply no substitute for LPG gas cooking

Leading chefs agree that the instantly controllable heat of a direct flame LPG gas cooktop, that wraps around the pan, provides the ultimate cooking experience.  With Elgas, that LPG gas cooktop experience is available to you, no matter where you live, even if you don't currently have gas.

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 LPG and Natural Gas models available

Cooking on an LPG gas cooktop is also very affordable, with an average family spending less than 50 cents per day to cook like a master chef.


Our LPG gas cooktop & natural gas cooktop range includes:

  • LPG gas kitchen cooktops for great LPG gas cooking Quality brands including Westinghouse, Euro, and Chef

  • Freestanding upright gas stoves

  • LPG gas cooktops & natural gas cooktops

  • LPG & natural gas ovens

  • LPG & natural gas cookers

  • Rangehoods

  • A range of finishes

LPG Gas Cooktop Sizes

LPG gas cooktop sizes can vary from single burner widths of 300mm to 360mm to much larger units of up to 1,500mm that include hotplates or extra burners. The two most common LPG gas cooktop sizes are 600mm and 900mm.

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Now you can compare prices for major brands of LPG gas cooktops & natural gas cooktops including Westinghouse, Chef and Braemar.

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Switching from electric to LPG cooking? 

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How long will an LPG gas bottle last using an LPG gas cooktop?

That depends on the LPG consumption rating of the burners being used.  Burner LPG consumption is expressed in mega joules or MJ of energy.

One litre of LPG has approximately 25MJ of energy content.  A 45kg LPG gas bottle contains just a bit more than 88 litres or approximately 2200MJ of energy.

So, to determine how long the LPG gas bottle will last, you just divide 2200 by the MJ rating of the heater:

Example 1: a small 5MJ/H cooktop burner will run for approximately 440 hours* on a 45kg LPG gas bottle (2200÷5=440)

Example 2: a large 12MJ/H cooktop burner will run for approximately 183 hours* on a 45kg LPG gas bottle (2200÷12=183)

*Please note that the calculations shown assume that you use the burner on its maximum setting.  
LPG consumption would be less, and the LPG gas bottle would last longer, on lower settings, such as during simmering.

A 45kg LPG gas bottle could last for a year or more when used just for cooking


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