Meet Gus the Gasbot

Gus the Gasbot

Gus the GasbotHi!  I'm Gus the gasbot.

I am here to help you with the following task:

  • Taker orders for gas
  • Provide delivery information
  • Retrieve your account number

If you are looking for answers about LPG, I'm your man… err… bot.

Just look for Elgas Gus on Facebook Messenger or I'll be manning our website chat after-hours and on weekends.



Stump Gus

I think I'm pretty smart.

Coming soon you'll have the chance to play Stump Gas and win.

All you have to do is ask me (Gus) an LPG related question I can't answer.

You could win up to $1000*.

More details to come…

Stump Gus
* Terms & Conditions Apply

When I'm not answering questions, I love to have a game of cricket with my mates...

Gus playing cricket