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Gasmate Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Specialty gas appliances with pizza ovens, refrigerators, clothes dryers, and more.

Gas Fridge – How a Gas Refrigerator Works

A gas fridge uses LPG (propane) to heat the refrigerant. A gas refrigerator does not require electricity so it is perfect for camping and other off-grid uses.

The refrigerant is water, ammonia and hydrogen gas. The refrigerant moves through a coil of tubes.

The LPG heats a container holding the refrigerant until it boils. The ammonia gas then rises to the condenser, where it cools and condenses back into a liquid.

This is a continuous process when the fridge is running.

Specialty Gas Appliances

LPG gas appliances come in a wide range of applications:

Rinnai Dry-Soft® Gas Clothes Dryers – 6kg or 4kg available in natural gas and LPG bottled gas models

Gasmate Pizza Ovens

Portable Camping Refrigerators (LPG, 12V & 240V)




Pictured above are the Gasmate Pizza Oven and the Dual Energy Fridge/Freezer.