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At normal ambient temperatures, nitrogen is an odourless and colourless inert gas.

In fact, nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air we breathe.

Nitrogen becomes a liquid at -195.8°C (-320.33°F). 

It can also be compressed into a liquid without reducing the temperature.

It becomes a frozen solid at -210°C (-346.00°F). 

Whilst not poisonous, pure nitrogen is an asphyxiant, due to the lack of oxygen.

Nitrogen Gas Bottle Suppliers

Nitrogen gas

Stargas supplies Nitrogen gas cylinders for tyre inflation, purging, blanketing and many other applications that require inert gas.

Our food grade quality gas is also used to mix with Carbon Dioxide for beer dispensing

Nitrogen Price

Prices can vary by volume and location.

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Available Nitrogen Gas Bottle - Cylinder Sizes

Nitrogen gas bottle hire is available in G2 and E2 cylinder sizes

Nitrogen Cylinder Pressure Bar - kPa

  • Nitrogen cylinder pressure bar: 163 bar - 200 bar

  • Gauge Pressure: 16,300kPa - 20,000kPa

Food Applications for Nitrogen:

Mixing with Carbon Dioxide for beer dispensing

Industrial Applications for Nitrogen:

Used for blanketing and purging applications to displace or dilute all unwanted gas or vapour

Widely used for reasons of safety and the prevention of product degradation in the chemicals and petroleum industry

Inerting reactors and storage tanks

Purging vessels and pipelines


Pressure transfer of liquids

Shielding or assist gas for plasma cutting aluminium and stainless steel, and as an assist gas for laser cutting

Pressurising accumulators for batch-testing applications

Tyre inflation: helps to extend tyre life and prevent tyre bursts

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