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Argoshield 5® & Argoshield 16® MIG welding gas mix are shielding gases with an Argon/Oxygen/CO2 blend for MIG or GMAW welding of carbon and low alloy steels.

Argoshield 25® is a Argon/CO2 MIG welding gas mix for MIG or GMAW welding of carbon and low alloy steels wit an optimum thickness of 10mm+.

What Does MIG Welding Mean - What does MIG Stand for in Welding

MIG is an acronym that stands for "Metal Inert Gas" in welding.  MIG welding means Metal Inert Gas welding.  MIG welding is an arc welding process that joins metals by melting them with heat. 

MIG Welding Gas - Gas Used for MIG Welding - MIG Welding Gas Mix

The gas used for MIG welding is a MIG welding gas mix of inert gases. MIG welding gas is frequently referred to as shielding gases and include argon, argon mixtures, pure CO2 and helium. 

Shielding gases include our Argoshield and Stainshield range, which are MIG welding gases formulated by application.

TIG Welding Gas

TIG welding gases are inert gases used as shielding gases in the TIG welding process. TIG welding gas is typically a mixture of argon with helium, hydrogen and/or nitrogen added for better welding speeds and process stability. You get improved weld quality and less rework time.

TIG welding gas is also used with gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), using a tungsten electrode and argon shielding gas. Argon shielding gas protects the weld pool from nitrogen absorption and oxidation during TIG welding.

TIG is an acronym for "Tungsten Inert Gas".

Available MIG Welding Gas Bottle - Cylinder Sizes

Argoshield 5 & Argoshield 16 welding gases are available in G2 gas cylinder size. 

Stainshield 2.5 is an Argon/CO2 gas blend for welding stainless steel.  

Stainshield 2.5 welding gas is available in G2 gas cylinder size.

MIG Welding Gas Price

Our MIG welding gas prices includes free delivery in our normal service area. Please ring us for a MIG welding gas price quotation.

We have great MIG gas prices.

Argoshield 5 MIG Welding Gas

Argoshield 5 is formulated specifically for GMAW (MIG) process on carbon steel sheet and light plate. 

This MIG welding gas mixture, which can be used in all positions, produces low heat input and narrow weld beads.  This has the benefit of reducing excess reinforcement and burn-through problems on thinner profiles.

Common applications include:

Sheet metal engineering

Automotive components manufacture and vehicle repair

Air conditioning industries

Domestic appliance manufacture

Light gauge storage tanks

Cabinets/steel furniture manufacture

Argoshield 16 MIG Welding Gas

Argoshield 16® shielding gas is an Argon/Oxygen/CO2 gas blend for MIG or GMAW welding.  

All-purpose shielding gas for general fabrication of carbon steel typically in the 4-12mm range.  This gas mixture is easy to use giving good weld performance across a wide range of applications using GMAW (MIG) and metal cored wires.  

Argoshield Universal can be used for welding in all positions.


Common applications include:

General fabrication

Light to medium plate fabrication

Structural steelworks and bridgework

Pipe and tube joining

Vehicle manufacture and ship building

Pressure vessels and boilers



Argoshield 25 MIG Welding Gas

Argoshield 25® shielding gas is an Argon/CO2 gas blend for MIG or GMAW welding.  

All-purpose shielding gas for general fabrication of carbon steel typically in the 10mm+ range. 

Argoshield 25 is approved for use with a wide range of flux cored wires including stainless steel grades in all positions. It is also suitable for GMAW using spray, dip, STT and pulse transfer.

It has a smooth weld bead with a broad penetration profile.

Common applications include:

Heavy structural steel

Mining equipment

Pressure vessels and boilers

Heavy wall piping

Ships and offshore structures

Earth moving equipment

Stainshield 2.5 Welding Gas

Stainshield 2.5 shielding gas is an Argon/CO2 gas blend for MIG or GMAW welding of stainless steel.  

General purpose mixture, good wetting action, smooth weld surface. 

Good fusion. Clean weld appearance and finish.  

Oxide film less tenacious and easy to remove.

Increase in weld speed compared to traditional oxygen-argon mixtures.

Common applications include:

Pressure vessels and tanks

Exhausts and duct work





MIG Welding Techniques

Precautions for Safe Handling of Argoshield 5, 16 & 25

Argoshield welding gas

Use of safe work practices are recommended to avoid inhalation.

Do not drag, drop, slide or roll cylinders.

The uncontrolled release of a gas under pressure may cause physical harm.

Use a suitable hand truck for cylinder movement.

Conditions for Safe Storage of Argoshield®

(including any Incompatibilities)

Do not store near incompatible materials.

Cylinders should be stored below 45°C in a secure area, upright and restrained to prevent cylinders from falling.

Cylinders should also be stored in a dry, well ventilated area constructed of non-combustible material with firm level floor (preferably concrete), away from areas of heavy traffic and emergency exits.

Incompatible materials

Moist carbon dioxide is corrosive, hence acid resistant materials are required (e.g. stainless steel).

Certain properties of some plastics and rubbers may be affected by carbon dioxide (i.e. embrittlement, leaching of plasticisers, etc).

Hazardous by-products may be produced when this gas/gas mixture is used in welding, cutting and associated processes.

Please see Argoshield 5, 16 & 25 Safety Data Sheets for full safety details


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