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CO2 Gas Cylinder - CO2 Refill - CO2 Gas Bottles Sizes - CO2 Cylinder Price

Our 99.9% carbon dioxide - CO2 gas cylinder (CO2 gas bottles) is food grade quality gas. CO2 applications include pressurised beverage dispensing of bulk beer, cider and post-mix systems in various CO2 gas bottles sizes. Food grade CO2 cylinder refill is used primarily for soft drink dispensers.

CO2 cylinder & CO2 refill

Our CO2 gas cylinders contain CO2, a non-flammable, non-toxic, colourless and odourless gas.

CO2 Cylinder - CO2 Gas Bottles

CO2 cylinder (CO2 gas bottles) are made from steel and fitted with a valve. CO2 bottle sizes are varied. The typical pressure of a carbon dioxide - CO2 cylinder is 4,500 kPa at 15°C.

The standard Australian colour code for a CO2 cylinder is Green Grey.

CO2 Bottle Sizes

CO2 bottle sizes include VT and F CO2 bottle sizes. CO2 bottle size D is available in Victoria. You just pick the CO2 bottle sizes that best suits your needs,

Carbon Dioxide - CO2 Bottle Size Chart
CO2 Bottle Sizes
Weight (in kg)
D 6.0
VT 10
F 22

CO2 Refill & CO2 Cylinder Price

CO2 refill is done at our facility and we exchange a full CO2 cylinder (CO2 gas bottles) for an empty one.  Our CO2 cylinder price for a CO2 gas cylinder refill is very competitive and includes free delivery in our normal service areas.

No need to buy the steel CO2 gas cylinder, as we offer CO2 gas cylinders for hire. 

CO2 Cylinder Price - Contact us for a quick online CO2 cylinder price quote

CO2 Gas Cylinder (CO2 gas bottles) Delivery

We provide free CO2 gas cylinder (CO2 gas bottles) delivery anywhere within our normal service area. Just give us a call and we typically deliver your carbon dioxide - CO2 cylinder by the next day.

Liquid CO2 and Frozen CO2 - Dry Ice

CO2 - carbon dioxide can exist as a gas, a liquid or a solid. Solid CO2 is typically found in the form of dry ice.

Beer CO2 Tank Refill - Beverage Gases

CO2 cylinder beer gasBeer CO2 tank refill gas is typically used in beverage dispensing for carbonation, pressurisation, head retention and preservation.


  • CO2 refill for carbonation of beer, soft drinks and cider

  • CO2 cylinder provides pressurisation in order to push liquid from storage source to dispensing point

  • Beer CO2 tank refill for beer head retention after it is poured

  • CO2 gas bottles provide preservation and extending product shelf life.


CO2 Applications

CO2 applications include beer dispensing, restaurants, soft drink carbonation, welding and wine dispensing, fire extinguishers, chemical feedstock, paint ball guns and as dry ice.

CO2 applications are varied which is why Stargas is committed to the excellence of our products and services and aim to ensure our products meet the quality specification every time.

It is important to us that your customers keep coming back.

Our focus on high quality includes:

  • HACCP and ISBT accreditation for our Food Grade Carbon Dioxide Gas

  • Safety Data Sheets available anytime: MSDS CO2 - Carbon Dioxide Gas

  • The ability to provide quality batch test results or certificates for our products as part of a solution.

Density of CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Density of CO2 is 1.98 kg/m3.  CO2 is approximately 1.67 times the density of air.


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