Helium, CO2, argon, nitrogen, acetylene, oxygen, MIG & welding gases. Beer & pub gases. Great prices…

Elgas Industrial & Hospitality Gases

Elgas supplies industrial, hospitality and LPG gases including welding gases, beverage gases and balloon gas.

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Oxy Acetylene Welding Gas

We supply acetylene, oxygen and shielding gas bottles for all applications. Free Acetylene & Oxygen gas bottle delivery.

Argon Gas Cylinder Supply

Argon gas in an inert gas used as TIG or GTAW welding gas, shielding gas and purging gas.

MIG Welding Gas

Argoshield & Stainshield MIG gas bottle hire and supply. Free Argoshield and Stainshield gas bottle delivery and great gas prices.

Nitrogen Gas Suppliers

Stargas supplies Nitrogen gas cylinders for tyre inflation, purging, blanketing and many other applications that require inert gas.

CO2 Gas Cylinder Suppliers

Our 99.9% CO2 gas is food quality gas used in the pressurised beverage dispensing of bulk beer, cider and post-mix systems.

Beer Gas - Pub Gas Suppliers

We offer clubs, pubs, restaurants and home brewers three choices in beer gas blends: Cellamix 30, Cellamix 40 and Cellamix 55.

Helium Tank Hire - Balloon Gas

Helium gas bottle hire for use as balloon gas in decorative helium balloons. All cylinders are designed for transport.

Hospitality & Commercial Heating

Cafés, clubs and pubs can rely on Stargas to supply all of their heating equipment and gas requirements.


What is Star Gas?


Owned and operated by Elgas, Stargas® is a simple, innovative and competitive service offer of compressed industrial and hospitality gases and LPG. The service is designed to cater for the small to medium businesses looking for a gas supplier that can offer value-for-money products without compromising safety or service.


The Industrial products offered include oxyfuel welding, cutting and shielding gases.  Stargas also offers industrial users its high quality forklift fuel,  Elgas Forklift Premium®.  The Hospitality offer includes a wide range of beverage dispensing gases as well as balloon gas (Helium) and LPG for heating applications. 

The Elgas Stargas offer is supported by a fleet of delivery vehicles offering delivery, at no additional charge, within 24 hours anywhere in their service areas and convenient online ordering. 

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Elgas Stargas is currently available in metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

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