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Bulk LNG Suppliers – LNG Delivery & Storage – Australia

Bulk LNG for Australian Business

Elgas supplies bulk LNG in the eastern states and Tasmania.

It is a versatile energy source with stable pricing.

What is LNG?

LNG, or Liquefied Natural Gas, is simply natural gas in a liquid form

It is the same natural gas that millions of Australian homeowners and businesses use every day.

Put simply, LNG is Natural Gas Made Portable™.

LNG Energy Content

The energy content of LNG ranges from 24 MJ/L to 21 MJ/L. The energy density of LNG is roughly 0.41 kg/L to 0.5 kg/L, depending mostly on temperature and pressure. The energy density of LNG is 2.4 times greater than CNG. This makes it economical to transport. The energy content of LNG is comparable to propane.

How is LNG Stored & Delivered?

LNG provides the opportunity to economically transport and store natural gas.

It is stored as a liquid until it is needed, at which point it is returned to its gaseous state.

The LNG is delivered in special cryogenic trucks.

Switching to LNG

Switching to LNG is very economically attractive project if your current minimum consumption is 1 tonne or 50GJ per day or more.

LNG price stability is also quite favourable, with long term supply agreements available.

LNG Application Projects


LNG as an alternative fuel to diesel for road transportation has been in development in Australia since 2001.

Over 200 heavy duty vehicles are now in daily operation.

Power Generation

LNG is a suitable alternative to diesel for the remote power generation market.

These remote power generating plants provide electricity for towns or mine sites and can vary in size from 1 MW to 50MW.

Mining and Industrial

Mining and industrial markets have considerable potential employ LNG into their operations.

Large quantities of diesel are consumed by mining vehicles, making them the perfect application for LNG substitution.


Rail is also a potential LNG application.

LNG to replace diesel for locomotives has increased substantially in the past few years and LNG powered locomotives are already in use in other countries.


Ships with short repetitive routes are also a viable LNG use.

Ferries are a prime example of this application.

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