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Commercial Gas Hot Water Systems that Never Run Out


♦ Never have customer complaints about lack of hot water

♦ Your LPG system will work even at freezing temperatures

♦ LPG hot water systems are quiet. Guests will sleep soundly

♦ No worries about peak and off peak rates with LPG

♦ Space efficient with little visual pollution for better aesthetics

♦ No refrigerant or noisy pumps and motors that can break down and require servicing


Commercial Hot Water Options

♦ Continuous Flow, High Efficiency LPG Hot Water systems

♦ Commercial Boilers

♦ Gas Boosted Solar – renewable solar energy with LPG boosting, as needed

Continuous Flow LPG Hot Water Heaters

♦ Ideally suited for heavy use applications

♦ Scaled up to meet volume demand with a manifold system

♦ Can be mounted indoors or outdoors

♦ Temperature can be pre-set for safety and reduce overall cost

♦ Provides large quantities of hot water supply with no recovery time

♦ A constant supply of on-demand hot water without storage tanks

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems

♦ State-of-the-art quality solar hot water systems

♦ Correctly sized to fit your needs

♦ Continuous flow gas boosting means you never run out of hot water, even when the sun doesn’t shine


Commercial Boilers

We can match our range of storage units and hot water boilers to your business needs.

Elgas can recommend a hot water solution and delivery program to suit your needs.

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