On-site bulk LPG forklift gas bottle refilling. Great prices

Bulk Forklift Gas for Rapid On-Site Refuelling

Forklift Premium LPG

Refill your forklift gas bottles when you choose.

On-site bulk LPG storage solutions & forklift gas bottle refill equipment.

Fast modular equipment installation & full training provided.

For higher volume forklift gas users, Elgas can provide the equipment for onsite rapid forklift gas refuelling.

This has a number of advantages over forklift gas bottle exchange including cost savings and improved safety through the elimination of lifting forklift gas cylinders.

Modular Refuelling Stations - 820 Litre & 1640 Litre

♦  Reduced forklift gas costs with bulk deliveries

♦  Elimination of remnant gas losses for additional LPG savings

♦  Productivity improvements with reduction of refuelling time

♦  Improved safety through the elimination of cylinder lifting

♦  Annual safety training provided for all forklift gas staff

♦  Compact modular designed units allow for flexible installation

♦  Uses 240V 15 Amp with minimal site works required

♦  Relocatable and expandable as your business grows

♦  No need for additional forklift gas cylinder storage


Higher Volume Users

For higher volume forklift gas operations, we also offer larger onsite storage from 1960 litres up to 5880 litres.

These come with special high performance pumps.

Tanks are always protected from impacts with bollards, etc.

Our forklift gas specialists can help you pick the option that is right for your business.

Filling a forklift from a bulk LPG tank

Step-by-Step Instructions for Refilling

Click below for refilling instructions:


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Safety and Compliance

Elgas assits you in all aspects of safety and compliance with your on-site forklift refuelling.

We provide advice on everything including placement of the refuelling unit, cylinder storage, required signage and safety training.

Cylinder decant location diagram

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Please call our Forklift Refuelling Specialists on 1300 362 389 for more information

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