Elgas PUMP’n’GO®

Forklift Cylinder Refill process

Before you start filling forklift cylinders, make sure there is no smoking or other ignition sources in the PUMP’n’GO area.


Forklift refill step 1

Make sure the forklift is parked safely in the designated area with the handbrake on.

LPG for paper making

Wear PPE: long sleeves, fully enclosed shoes, PVC coated gloves and eye protection.

LPG during leather making

Screw the PUMP’n’GO nozzle onto the main valve clockwise ensuring a tight connection.

LPG flame for molding glass

Turn empty cylinder valve clockwise to the off position.

LPG for paper making

Press the dead man switch button to start filling cylinder.

LPG during leather making

Carefully watch the cylinder as it fills and when full, it will automatically shut off.

LPG flame for molding glass

 Release the dead man switch.

LPG for paper making

 Turn forklift cylinder valve anti-clockwise to the on position.

LPG during leather making

Releas the nozzle & unscrew anti-clockwise from the main valve on the forklift cylinder.

LPG for timber drying & preservation

Place nozzle back into holder.

LPG for textile manufacturing

Test for leaks with soapy water. If they can’t be fixed, don’t operate & turn-off valve.

LPG in aerosol sprays

Remove all PPE. Keep your seat belt on, and safely move from designated area.

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