Ezy Gas LPG gas delivery is just that, easy gas refills on-site. Automatically scheduled deliveries so you never need to order gas.
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 Ezy Gas LPG Gas Tanker Delivery

Automatic Tanker Delivery♦   With Ezy Gas, you get a refill straight from a tanker truck to your home's LPG gas bottles.

♦   You are typically provided with a double sized, 90kg LPG bottle so you have plenty of bottled gas

♦  Your LPG gas usage is monitored and regular tanker deliveries are scheduled to suit your needs

♦   You won't have to remember to order LPG gas, swap gas bottles or re-ignite pilot lights*.

♦   There's no more replacement of gas bottles.

♦   Ezy Gas is safe, with a modern fleet of tankers and a comprehensive safety program

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Please see How to Compare LPG Gas Suppliers


LPG Gas Bottle Exchange Delivery Service

♦  We provide you with two 45kg LPG gas bottles linked together by a changeover valve, so that you have an uninterrupted supply

♦   Elgas delivers filled LPG gas bottles to your home and removes the empty gas bottles, as you use the LPG bottled gas

♦   Simply call us when one LPG gas bottle is empty and we will be there with another full gas bottle


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New Elgas customers get $80 worth of LPG gas credits
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*We inspect the gas bottle location, truck line-of-sight and safe street access at your home, as conditions must meet EasyGas safety requirements. There is no charge for this gas bottle safety inspection. For those homes that do not meet the requirements, we provide our gas bottle Exchange Service.