Everdure. Everdure Brigadier & Everdure Lancer portable gas heaters. Online catalogue with great Everdure gas heater sale prices!Rinnai Ultima II inbuilt flued gas heater

Everdure Portable Gas Heaters

Everdure’s range of portable gas heaters are combined radiant convectors.  Everdures provide quality portable gas heaters that are great value for money.  LPG and Natural Gas models available.

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LPG and Natural Gas models available


Everdure Brigadier portable gas heaterEverdure Radiant Convector Portable Gas Heaters

Everdure Everdure Brigadier & Lancer models

  • Portable radiant convector gas heaters for small to large areas

  • 25 or 15Mj with 5.9 Star ratings

  • Everdure Lancer portable gas heaterSafety tilt switch & oxygen depletion safety system

  • Australian made portable gas heaters

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  • **Victoria residents please see VIC compliant heaters


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