Elgas Named Gas Supplier of the Year

The ESi awards are solely based on the customer experience and determined by customer feedback. They are awarded based on the results of the nationally representative Annual Easy Service Survey of 3,000+ consumers.

Here are the actual results of the 2013 Customer Service Institute of Australia survey* for the overall ease of doing business:

Gas Supplier Net Easy Scores

And here is what the CSIA had to say:

"Looking across the key brands in the market, there’s a clear superiority in the service being delivered by Elgas: more than 4 out of 5 of their customers see their service as being either extremely or very easy, with an impressive Net Easy Score of 83%.  While the proportion of ‘net difficult’ respondents remain low for almost all brands, it’s the comparatively low portion of neutral respondents here that is driving this… something in the Elgas offering significantly differentiates it."


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*Based on Customer Service Institute of Australia 2013 survey