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Elgas Does Not Operate in South Africa

There is a company in South Africa misrepresenting itself as being part of Elgas Ltd.

  • They are operating a web site falsely claiming to be part of Elgas

  • They are using our copyrighted images and other materials without our permission

  • This is misleading and deceptive conduct under South Africa’s consumer protection laws

Please do not be fooled by these individuals.

Do not purchase from this company based on the belief that it is part of Elgas.

An Example of a Complaint Received

The following is an exact copy of a complaint we received regarding this company:

Hi, We have placed an order with a company which trades under the Elgas name here in South Africa. Their website is http://www.elgas.co.za/. We have ordered and paid for 250 19Kg bottles. They confirmed that the delivery took place which it never did. Currently they are not answering their phones. Are they a dealer of yours. Supposedly a female by the name of Sandra Booysen. Please assist as it is a great deal of money for us. Kind regards (name witheld for privacy reasons)

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