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Get LPG Gas Bottles in the Tambo area. RW & OA McKellar is the local Elgas Distributor in Tambo QLD.

LPG Gas Bottles – Tambo

RW & OA McKellar

is Your Local Elgas Distributor


About RW & OA McKellar:

RW & OA McKellar supplies 45kg, 18kg & 13.5kg exchange gas cylinders for home & business in Tambo and the surrounding region.
Together with Elders Rural, we also supply produce, stock feed & animal health products for farm and home.
We are a local company with local people to meet your needs. But we also have the backing of Elgas, Australia’s most popular LPG supplier. Together, we are your best choice for LPG gas supply.

We also have all of the information you need if you are New User of Home LPG. We look forward to serving you!

Our Location:

33 William Street, Tambo QLD 4478

Area Served:

Tambo & surrounding areas

Post codes: 4478

Days and hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 530pm

Saturday: 8.30am – 12.00pm

Our People:

Come on in and meet our friendly staff

Our Contact Details:

Phone: (07) 4654 6236 | Fax: (07) 4654 6684

Mobile: 0427 875 227

Email: [email protected]

Products & Services:

LPG Gas for Home & Business – Elgas Distributor

45kg Gas Bottle Exchange Delivery

18kg Forklift Gas Bottle Exchange Delivery

Rural Supplies


Stock Feed

Animal Health Products



Need gas in the Tambo area?

Call us now on 4654 6236



RW & OA McKellar
Tambo, QLD 4478
Phone: 4654 6236

About Elgas Distributors

Elgas has distributors to service areas where we do not have a company branch or agent.
Elgas distributors are independently owned and operated.
Please contact the distributor directly for all of your LPG needs.