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Get LPG Gas Bottles in the Dalby area. Camel Tanks is the local Elgas Distributor in Dalby QLD.

LPG Gas Bottles – Dalby

Camel Tanks

is Your Local Elgas Distributor


About Camel Tanks:

Camel Tanks supplies 45kg exchange gas cylinders for home & business in Dalby and the surrounding region.
Camel tanks is a manufacturer of top quality rain water tanks.  Camel Tanks service farmers, businesses & the energy sector.
We are a local company with local people to meet your needs.  But we also have the backing of Elgas, Australia’s most popular LPG supplier.  Together, we are your best choice for LPG gas supply.

We also have all of the information you need if you are New User of Home LPG.  We look forward to serving you!

Our Location:

20 Hospital Road, Dalby QLD 4405

PO Box 824 Dalby 4405

Area Served:

Dalby & surrounding areas

Post codes: 4404, 4405, 4408, 4413, 4421, 4407, 4406, 4411 & 4410

Days and hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Saturday: By Appointment

Our People:

Lorne Bobart, Caroline van Pypen & Mick Duff

Our Contact Details:

Phone: (07) 4662 0807 | Fax: (07) 4662 0818

Text Messages: 0429 625 855

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Products & Services:

LPG Gas for Home & Business – Elgas Distributor

45kg Gas Bottle Exchange Delivery

15kg Forklift Gas Bottle Exchange Delivery

Refilling of 9kg BBQ Gas Bottles

Water Tanks

Molasses Tanks

Chemical Tanks

Industrial Tanks

Diesel & Petrol Tanks

Hydraulic Oil Tanks

Bunds & Footings

Troughs & Silos

End / Night Caps – Dust, rain and vermin cover for piping

Caravan Tanks & Camper Trailer Tanks

Cartage Tanks

Pools & Spas

Boats, Kayaks, Floats & Pontoons

Custom Moulding

Storage Boxes & Bins

Service Trailer Tanks – Multi compartment to fit box trailer

Spray Tanks

Drip Trays



Need gas in the Dalby area?

Call us now on 4662 0807



Camel Tanks
Dalby, QLD 4405
Phone: 4662 0807

About Elgas Distributors

Elgas has distributors to service areas where we do not have a company branch or agent.
Elgas distributors are independently owned and operated.
Please contact the distributor directly for all of your LPG needs.