Elgas COVID-19 Update April 3rd 2020

At Elgas we understand that some customers may encounter financial stress. In addition to the various government support packages available, Elgas can also assist with personal payment plans.

For people directly affected by COVID-19, and considered to be under specific financial hardship, there are various options available to assist in paying your energy bill.

For individuals and organisations, government assistance is available for those affected by COVID-19, through (Services Australia).

Customers in Victoria, can contact the (Department of Health and Human Services), for consideration of a Utility Relief Grant.

People receiving Centrelink payments can utilise (Centrepay), to assist with establishing a payment plan for your LPG bill.

Alternatively, please contact your local Elgas branch on 131 161, to discuss a personal payment plan.

Elgas COVID-19 Update March 31st 2020

At Elgas, our first priority is for everyone to get home (or stay home!) safely every day. To help us keep you and our drivers safe whilst we continue to deliver LPG and industrial gases to our customers, we ask that you please abide by social distancing guidelines and maintain a safe distance from our drivers at all times. We thank you for your support.

For more information, email: [email protected] or call: 131 161.

For information on New Zealand please visit www.elgas.co.nz/covid-19-update

Elgas COVID-19 Update March 23rd 2020

As an essential service provider, we will continue to operate and deliver to our customers. We are working together with our teams, our suppliers and the broader industry to ensure continuity of supply, so you can continue to order as you normally would. If your LPG needs are expected to change, however, please do let us know so we can amend our delivery schedules accordingly. You can contact us at [email protected] or call 131 161.

We are taking special precautions and have introduced strict protocols at our sites and with our drivers to maintain the health and safety of our customers and our teams – our first priority is that everyone gets home safely. As part of these precautions, many of our team are working remotely which may result in slightly longer answer times on our phones. We encourage you to please take advantage of our digital services during this time for orders, payments or general enquiries.

For more information, email: [email protected] or call: 131 161.


At Elgas our first priority is to get “Everyone Home Safely”. This extends to our people, our customers and the community.

We continue to plan, monitor and appropriately respond to potential impacts of COVID-19. This information provides a general update to reassure you we are working to minimise impact on our people and our customers.

Elgas has initiated COVID-19 planning actions which include:

  • Elimination of all non-essential international and domestic business travel
  • Implementing a mandatory 14-day quarantine period for workers returning from overseas travel.
  • Ongoing communication on good hygiene and infection control, and providing hand sanitizer where possible
  • Implementing social distancing measures to limit virus transmission, and to reduce the risk associated with having key personnel working closely together. These measures apply to all of our staff across our offices, cylinder plants and driver networks
  • Production measures and plans to promote surety of supply
  • Restricting visitor access to sites


In terms of product supply, Elgas does not foresee any immediate limitation on LPG availability in Australia. We are not limited to one supply source, with a diverse range of Australian and international sources from which we can procure LPG. We also have plans in place and are working with key suppliers to manage the impact on other critical items such as cylinders and other hardware.

If there is a continued escalation of the COVID-19 within a particular region or across Australia and New Zealand, Elgas has business continuity plans in place to assist us in both mitigating the risk of supply disruptions due to employee illness, as well as being prepared to respond in the event of changing customer demands.

This information is general in nature and we will continue to implement appropriate plans on a business wide or local level as conditions dictate.

Statement from the Director of Elgas.

More Information About COVID-19

For more information visit the AU Government Health Website