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Camping Gas Bottles - 9kg or 4kg - Swap or Buy

We have gas bottles with regular BBQ valves & Camper Valves!

Gas bottles for BBQ and camping typically come in two sizes, 9kg and 4kg.

There are also two valve types. The standard BBQ valve in Australia is a POL valve.

There is also a second type of valve, a Camper valve, that is fitted to 4kg camper cylinders.

Camper valves are for appliances that are designed for Camper valve use. 

SWAP'n'GO is Fast, Safe and Easy

Swap or buy any 4kg* or 9kg* gas bottle at your local SWAP'n'GO® outlet: 

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  • You never have to worry about checking test dates, SWAP'n'GO gas bottles are always in date.

  • We have gas bottles with Camper Valves and regular BBQ valves.

  • Don't have a bottle to swap?  No problem!  You can purchase a full gas bottle without a trade-in.

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*Actual fill of a "9kg" gas bottle is 8.5kg.  Actual fill of a "4kg" gas bottle is 3.7kg


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