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Instant Hot Water System vs Storage Hot Water System - Instantaneous Hot Water System vs Hot Water Storage

When it's time to get a new hot water system, three of the most asked questions are:

1.  “Should I get a traditional storage hot water system or an instant hot water system?”

2.  "What size hot water system do I need?"

3. "What is the best instant hot water system or storage hot water system?"

When you compare instant hot water systems, the best instant hot water system is the instant gas hot water system from Rinnai. It provides instantaneous hot water that is reliable, efficient and best value for money. But is it better than a storage hot water system?

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This blog is the first of a series.  Meet the people behind the scenes at Elgas as Nicole Venz, part of our Graduate Training Program, interviews key members of the Elgas team.

Meet Geoff Perks: National Training & Development Manager

Nicole: Geoff, how did you come to work with Elgas?

Geoff: Fifteen years ago I left my job as a Financial Controller with Mobil and joined Elgas, having left my cherry picking and coal shovelling days (while attending University) far behind! When I first joined Elgas my time was split 50:50 between training and as a Business Analyst.

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Gas Heat vs Reverse Cycle - Gas vs Electric Heat Review

The most important thing about your choice of gas heating vs electric heat is the comfortable warmth it delivers. 

So, do you choose Reverse Cycle Heating (heat pump) or Gas Heat?

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LNG to the Rescue in Whyalla

A virtual pipeline was used to supply gas to Whyalla after a real pipeline from the Moomba gas fields ruptured between Caltowie and Gladstone last Sunday. 

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas – was transported by truck to deliver emergency gas supplies to Whyalla Hospital and about 1200 other local customers.

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Help SWAP’n’GO Raise $25,000 for Soldier On

SWAP’n’GO is contributing $1 for every gas bottle refill sold during the week of 19-25 April 2015. 

This money is to help injured and wounded service men and women of the Australian Defence Forces.

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Euro 6 Emissions Australia – Australia’s Path to Cleaner Air at No Cost

With Euro 6 emissions Australia, average CO2 emissions need to be below 130g/km across a car company's entire range. There are also tighter restrictions on a wide range of pollutants including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, NOx and particulates. The latest step is Euro 6, became mandatory in September 2015.

Australia can have far less auto emissions and cleaner air, all without any significant cost to Australia or Australians. 

In fact, normal Australians will save money with Euro 6 emissions compliant cars in Australia

Australia can adopt the European Union Euro 6 auto emission standards with not much more than the stroke of a pen. 

The benefits are huge, with virtually no cost and no obvious opponents…

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ACCC Recalls Portable Butane Cookers - Butane Burner Recall

The ACCC has announced the start of Product Safety Recalls for portable butane stove cookers - butane burner recall. 

This move follows the “Stop Sale” actions taken by the States and Territories, in accordance with the suspension of their compliance certification. 

Gas regulators have identified that some models are unsafe and should be recalled. 

These models fail the overpressure tests so there is a risk that the cookers may explode if they overheat. 

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Easiest Way to Switch LPG Suppliers | Hassle Free LPG

If you are thinking about switching LPG gas suppliers, wouldn’t you want to know the easiest way to switch? 

What should you look for in a supplier to get hassle free LPG?

The following are some tips on how to choose wisely and make it easy…

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Portable butane stove Safety

Butane Stove Portable butane stove cooker

Portable butane stove cookers are small singe or double burner stove tops powered by butane cartridges.*

They usually weigh about 2kg and are typically transported in a small plastic carrying case.

The portability of these units makes them very popular with campers, caravaners and 4WD enthusiasts.

They typically sell for under $30.
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LPG + Toyota Hybrid Drive = Tri-Fuel Hybrid Marvel

It was just logical. 

You would take the best automotive technology hybrid drive and marry it with the cleanest and most economical commercial fuel LPG.

That’s just what Orbital Autogas did and the results are nothing short of stunning. 

Hybrid LPG is the new benchmark in fuel economy.

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