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LPG Gas Changeover Valves

The Which, What, Why & How To

In Australia, you would typically have two 45kg LPG gas bottles on a home. 

An LPG (propane) gas changeover valve controls which gas bottle is being used.

Here’s the important bit:

Used correctly, it keeps you from running out of gas.

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How We Switched to All Gas in a Day

Gas Hot Water, Heating & Cooking All in One Day

My wife and a leaking electric hot water tank finally got me to stop procrastinating and install LPG gas on our home. 

At one fell swoop, we got gas hot water, cooking and heating. 

Here is the amazing part:

It was all done in only about six hours!

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Homeowners Abandon Natural Gas & Save with LPG

The gas world has been turned upside down, with people abandoning natural gas and choosing to go with LPG. 

Whilst it may sound pretty implausible, based on old wisdom, the reasoning is simple — they are saving money.

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Gas Measurement Unit - How is LPG Measured?

The gas measurement units for the measurement of gas volume, such as natural gas volume, are cubic metres (m3) or cubic feet (ft3).  Megajoules (MJ), BTU or therms are the gas measurement units for energy content. For pressure, kilopascals (kPa), Bar or PSI are the gas measurement units.

The LPG (propane) gas measurement unit for weight can be kilograms, pounds, tons or tonnes (metric tonnes). A liquid propane gas measurement unit for liquid volume is typically measured in litres or gallons.

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I Love My LPG in My Home

My LPG in my home heats my rooms and hot water, fuels my BBQ and cooks my food.  And I just love cooking with gas!

It is the same gas that is supplied to hundreds of thousands of Australian homes and businesses that purchase bottled gas.

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LPG Powered Tiny House

Blossman Gas is an extremely innovative LPG company in the US. 

They’ve taken a “tiny house” and powered it with nothing but LPG.

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Choosing Hot Water Heaters for Cold Climates

There is less hot water ouput when the incoming water supply gets colder. 

If you live in a cold climate, there are special factors to consider when you purchase a new hot water system.

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How to Check Gas Bottle Level

Including "How To" Video

Checking the level of remaining gas in a gas bottle is an easy process.

To make sense, it helps to also explain how LPG works

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How to Operate Home LPG Gas Bottles

So, you’ve just moved into a new home that has LPG gas. 
You go outside and look at the two 45kg gas bottles, with all the valves, connections and other gear, and you wonder... “How does this all work?”
Good question!  And here are some of your answers…
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A Marriage Where Sparks Never Fly

Brass + Cotton = LPG Safety

Have you ever wondered why almost all LPG valves and fittings are made from brass?   

Safety is the reason but the “why” requires a bit of explanation...

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