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Continuous Flow Hot Water - Instantaneous - Instant - Tankless

No matter what you call them, they are great gas hot water systems. 

Actually, all three terms are very descriptive of this increasingly popular style of water heater.

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What is a Gas Compliance Certificate, Plate or Badge?

Accordance with Standards & Regulations

In summary:
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Pick a Plumber… Any Plumber?

You want to install a new gas appliance or your hot water heater just stopped working and you need a plumber fast. 
Unfortunately, not all plumbers are knowledgeable about all products and some aren’t even gas fitters.
Who do you call?  
Well, you could play telephone directory roulette but there is a better way…
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LPG Not Working: Help for New LPG Users (Nil LPG Experience)

While using LPG is very easy, being a new LPG user can be quite challenging. 
Where do you get answers? 
How does it all work? Who do you call for help? 
Even experienced users run into issues where they need answers or help.
This short video (8:29) gives a summary of what you need to know...
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Gas for Cooking: LPG Gas Cylinders for Cooking

Almost everyone wants to be able to cook like a professional chef, with a gas cooktop. 

Now you can!

LPG is Everywhere!

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How to Prevent BBQ Gas Fires

There has been a bit of news recently regarding BBQ gas fires. 

So, it’s worth taking the time to review BBQ safety.

The media is fond of reporting “exploding gas cylinders”.  

The reality is that LPG gas cylinders rarely explode. 

In fact, it would be quite difficult to make one explode.

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 The 25th World LPG Forum

Elgas tries to stay on the leading edge of LPG technology and trends. So, it was with great pleasure that we attended the 25th World LP Gas Forum, recently concluded in Bali, Indonesia. The Forum was organized by the World LP Gas Association.

The event was a great success, with a variety of key industry events and topics. Participants came from 70 countries, totalling over 1400 attendees. It included 80 exhibitors from around the world, showing the latest in LPG technology.

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Is There a Difference Between Propane vs LPG? Is Propane the Same as LPG

Many of the gas appliances sold in Australia are manufactured overseas and call for propane vs LPG. So, you get it home, open the box, and it says that the appliance is made for use with propane vs LPG. Is propane the same as LPG?

But where do you buy Propane in Australia? 
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What Size and How Many Gas Bottles?

“What size and how many gas bottles do I need?” is one of the most common questions we hear.

But before we get into discussions about size, we need to discuss delivery.  

There are 2 types of delivery for LPG gas bottle exchange & tanker refill…

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Published: 07 October 2012

Welcome to the Elgas LPG Gas Blog

A blog at Elgas?  Who'd have thought?!

Why Have a Blog?

So, why did we decide to start blogging?

Well, we noticed that there is a distinct lack of information being shared on the web when it comes to LPG gas and its related topics.

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