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Balcony BBQ - Using a Gas BBQ on a Unit Balcony

There are many great small sized BBQs that are well suited to having a BBQ on a balcony. 
But before you invest in a new BBQ, or use an existing BBQ on your unit balcony, there are a few things to consider:
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How to Open Gas Cylinder & How to Turn Off Gas Cylinder

Did you know to turn off gas cylinder first, when switching off your BBQ, as it is safer and saves you money? Many people finish with their BBQ and just shut off the burners and without turning off the gas cylinder.

Many do not turn off the gas bottle at all and this is the problem…

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Propane: 91,502 BTU per Gallon - How Many BTUs are in a Gallon of Propane - BTU Value of Propane

The BTU value of propane is the energy content of propane, as measured in BTUs. Propane BTU per gallon: BTU value of one gallon of propane 91,502 BTU (British Thermal Units). So, 91,502 BTU is how many BTUs in a gallon of propane (BTU value of propane).

Propane Conversions: Pounds, Gallons, BTU, Therms & ft³ including propane BTU per gallon, propane BTU per cubic foot, propane therms to gallons and propane gallons to pounds conversion. There are 91,502 BTU in a gallon of propane.

Many of the other questions ask about the various Propane conversion values in US gallons, pounds, BTUs, therms and cubic feet.

The easiest way to answer most of them is with a Propane conversion chart or table…

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LPG Truly Can Go Anywhere

Rockall is a tiny islet approximately 300 km west of the island of St Kilda, Scotland and 430km from the nearest point on the Irish mainland.

Rockall measures about 31m by 25m, with an 21m high summit.  

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17 Great BBQ Cooking Tips - Barbecue Cooking - Grill Cooking on a Gas BBQ - How Do You Cook on a Gas BBQ Grill with Barbecue Cooking Gas Cylinder

There are different BBQ cooking techniques that can be used for grilling. There is traditional over the grill, marinades, wood chips, away from the burner and many other BBQ grilling cooking techniques.

BBQ cooking (barbecue cooking grill) tips for the grill cooking veteran or novice BBQ cook on how to cook on a gas BBQ with a barbecue cooking gas cylinder and your favourite cooking on a gas grill recipes. Get hints on how you cook on a gas barbecue cooking grill, with 17 great BBQ grill cooking tips...

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Cave Dwellers BBQ versus Urban Alfresco Dining

There are BBQs and then there are Barbecues. 
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Elgas quietly supports the community & you can, too

Someone once said that the only true form of philanthropy is when it is anonymous. 
Elgas subscribes to that philosophy, as we have been quietly supporting the Australian community for years. 
We don’t make a big deal about it nor do we expect anything in return. 
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Effortless LPG: LPG as Easy as Natural Gas

Wouldn’t it be great if having home LPG was as convenient as having natural gas? 

What if there was Another Way?

We know that the traditional way of managing and supplying home LPG is not very convenient. 
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Hide Those Home LPG Gas Bottles!

As much as I love LPG, I have to admit that 45kg gas bottles do not qualify as a home decorator accessory. 
In fact, they are pretty unattractive.

The Solution to the Problem

The good news is that you no longer have to look at your gas bottles.
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Santa Gets a New LPG Powered Sleigh

It’s a well known fact that reindeer don’t get very good traction on red dirt. 
They also really don't like warm weather. 
This all creates a huge challenge for Santa when he does his rounds in Australia.  
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