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How to Beat the Petrol Price Cycle

Don’t you just hate having to fill up your tank in a week when the petrol and diesel prices are high? 

Think how much you could save each year if you could always time your purchases for the lowest priced days…

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Liquid Direct Injection LPG Conversion - LPG Conversion - Gas Conversion

Direct injection LPG conversion is injecting liquid LPG directly into the combustion chamber. The LPG instantly vaporises, cooling the combustion chamber fuel-air mixture during the compression stroke, with further performance and emission improvements.

It is the automotive Holy Grail of a high performing LPG conversion vehicle with low cost fuelling…

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Instantaneous Hot Water - Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems - 7 Reasons to Choose Instant Hot Water System

An instantaneous gas hot water unit (instant gas hot water system) is a tankless hot water heater that warms the water as it passes through a serpentine heat exchanger at a flow rate of 10 to 32 litres per minute, whilst providing a virtually endless supply of hot water. Instant gas hot water system prices are in the $735 to $1575 range, depending on flow rate.

A 6 or 7 Star rated instant gas hot water service saves energy, money and reduces CO2 output.

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Australia’s First LPG App Now Available

Did you ever have to wait on the telephone when you call your current LPG supplier? 

Well, those days are over!

Now you can order, pay and manage your LPG with the new EasyApp™ from Elgas. 

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Diesel Exhaust Causes Cancer - Alternatives

Would you knowingly put your family at risk for cancer? 

Certainly not! 

Yet many people are buying diesel powered cars and SUVs, evidently oblivious to the fact that diesel exhaust fumes cause cancer…

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QR Codes Make LPG Easy

I know what you’re thinking! 

What on earth is a QR code?

They are those funny looking squares with all the little square dots. 

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Australia Needs a Good Small LPG Powered Car

There is an old parable about two shoe salesmen from around the end of the 19th century. 

In the story, the two salesmen travel to Africa... 

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Avoid Buying the Wrong Hot Water System

Most people only have to choose a new hot water system every 10 to 15 years. 

Consequently, it is not surprising if they don’t know very much about it. 

It is also not surprising if this lack of knowledge leaves some feeling a bit exposed. 

So, it’s time to get empowered!

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Don't Pick the Wrong Type of Forklift

If your business uses forklifts, it is important to pick the right type. 

There are three primary options: LPG Gas, Diesel and Electric.

The following is a review, by type, to help you make an informed decision when acquiring new or additional forklifts for your business. 

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Comparing Commercial LPG Gas Suppliers

If you are a commercial user of LPG and looking to compare alternative suppliers, there are a number of things to consider when you evaluate commercial LPG gas suppliers. 
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