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A Megajoule or MJ Probably Isn't What You Think

What is a megajoule and why does it matter when I buy a gas heater?

What size gas heater should I buy? 

Many people think they know but you might be surprised by the real answer…

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LPG - Propane Gas Smell: Ethyl Mercaptan - What Does Natural Gas Smells Like

LPG (propane) smells because an odourant - Ethyl Mercaptan - is added to the gas to make it easier to detect a leak. Natural gas smells like the same aroma, as the same odourant is used. In their natural state, LPG (Propane and Butane) and Natural Gas (Methane) smell like nothing, as they are all odourless gases and are also referred to as natural gas liquids – NGL.

The distinctive LPG smell that people associate with these gases is actually added to them as a safety measure. Ethyl Mercaptan is the odourant added to make LPG (propane) and natural gas smell like their distinctive aroma.

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Gas Heating - 4 Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy LPG Gas Heaters for Sale - Rinnai gas heater

Gas heating is a wonderful way to heat your home. Gas heaters for sale are energy efficient and a great way to heat your home. Gas heating is fast and provides real warmth to every corner of your home with a choice of LPG or natural gas heating. The gas heaters for sale may not be the right ones to buy. When it’s time to buy a new LPG gas heater for your home, you want to make the right choice, like a Rinnai gas heater. 

There are some common mistakes that many people make, when they buy a gas heater that's for sale.

You can side step these slip-ups by being informed. 

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Natural Gas Shortages Do Not Affect LPG - Is there an LPG Shortage?

LNG is not the same as LPG.  In fact, they are completely different gases.

But people are getting confused when they hear about LNG exports.

The news of late has been filled with stories about LNG exports, natural gas shortages and rising prices.

However, the media seems to be very confused when it comes to LPG, lumping it in with natural gas. 

Just as natural gas (LNG) and LPG are very different, so is the supply situation for LPG. 

In fact, it could not be more different.

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Gas Fireplace Logs - Gas Log Heaters - Gas Fires - Gas Fireplace Heaters - Best Gas Fireplace - Gas Fireplace Prices - Gas Log Fireplace Price

We provide different types of gas fireplace logs, gas log heaters, gas fires, gas fireplace heaters and the best gas fireplace, with gas log heater reviews to help pick the best gas fireplace and find the best gas fireplace prices and gas log heater price.

As we review different types of gas fireplace logs, gas log heaters types, gas log fireplace price, gas fireplace installation and fireplace installation cost, comparing the pros and cons of the various alternatives, we help you make an informed decision…

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Best Indoor Gas Heater - Home Flued Gas Heaters - Gas Heaters for House : Gas Heating Reviews & Prices

When you compare gas heaters for a house, the best indoor gas room heaters for the home is the one that fits your needs.  To be the best indoor home gas space heaters, it must be sized correctly for your space, be flued gas heaters (gas fixed flued heater) or an unflued (portable), and have the features you want possibly including remote control, thermostat, timer and safety features. The best indoor gas heater for a house must also be from one of the quality gas heater manufacturers with a strong warranty, like a Rinnai gas heater.

The best indoor gas room heaters for the home also needs to be the one with a price that gives you good value for money.

Concerned that what types of gas heaters your retailer recommends may not be the best choice of home gas space heaters? 

What size home gas space heaters should I buy?

Want to find the best price home gas space heaters?

We review what types of gas room heaters for the home and prices, comparing the pros and cons of the various gas heating alternatives, to help you make an informed decision...

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Does Propane Go Bad - Propane Shelf Life - How Long Can You Store Propane - Does Propane Gas Go Bad - Does LPG Go Off

LPG-propane does not go bad. LPG-propane shelf life is indefinite. LPG does not go off.  Unlike gasoline and diesel fuel, LPG-propane gas does not bad or degrade with time. How long can you store propane and does LPG (bottled gas) go off or expire are both common questions. Because propane does not go bad, it is the perfect fuel for emergency generators.

But what do you do with the bad petrol or diesel fuel?  You can't just dump it.

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LPG Gas Bottles in the Sun - Propane Tanks: High Temperatures

Gas bottles will not explode in the sun. When the gas bottles in the sun the temperature rises and, along with it, the gas bottle pressure. Gas bottles are designed with 20% expansion area for pressure increases and gas expansion. There is no reason to worry about gas bottles in the sun.

Home gas bottles and service station LPG tanks are both in the sun all day.  BBQ gas bottles are no different. All are designed with the same 20% expansion space.

Many people worry about leaving their BBQ gas bottles in the sun.

What about LPG storage temperatures that are artificially high, including being left inside of cars?

LPG gas bottle pressure rises with temperature.

Should you be worried? 

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Blue Flame vs Yellow Flame vs Red Flames - Gas Flame Color

Blue flame vs yellow flame color is a question of complete combustion vs incomplete combustion. LPG (propane) and natural gas (methane) flame colour are both blue. A blue flame color and temperature means complete combustion. Red flames or yellow gas flame color may be a sign of incomplete combustion, wasted gas and a serious safety hazard. Blue flame vs orange flame, blue flame vs red flames and blue flame vs yellow flame are all the incomplete combustion issue.  

Blue flames are good. 

Red flames and yellow gas flames... not so much...

Blue flame vs red flames is an issue of safety, proper combustion and saving gas.

Gas normally burns with a blue flame but sometimes it burns with yellow or red flames when there is a problem.

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BBQ Cleaning - How to Clean a BBQ Grill-Plate - Best Way to Clean a BBQ Grill - BBQ Cleaner - BBQ Cleaning Tips

The best way to clean a BBQ grill is to do so after every use, whilst the BBQ grill is still hot. Using a mixture of steam, a brass brush, a no scratch scrubber, soap and water to remove cooked on food debris is how to clean a BBQ and the best way to clean a BBQ.

Be careful with stainless steel, as it is easily scratched.

BBQ cleaning and the best way to clean a BBQ grill is also the easy way to clean a BBQ grill. Learn how to clean a BBQ grill the lazy man's way with our great BBQ cleaning tips and tricks.

15 Ingenious BBQ Cleaning Tips & Hacks for a Glistening Clean Barbecue

Tricks and BBQ cleaning tips…

1. BBQ cleaning with steam

Place some water in an old pie tin, place on low heat and close the lid. Take care when opening (See full instructions below).

2. Use your dishwasher as an automatic BBQ cleaner

Unless huge, you BBQ grill plates and grates can be placed in the dishwasher. Remember to scrape off loose food first.

3. Brass BBQ cleaning brush is your friend

Just what you need to get burned on food off of grates and plates

4. Y-shaped BBQ cleaner brush is your other friend

Perfect for cleanning the grooves in a grill plate or between the grates

5. Using aluminium foil and kitty litter as BBQ cleaner

Just line the drip tray with aluminium foil, fill with kitty litter then lift and discard when saturated.

6. Teflon grill sheets - never cleaning a BBQ grill plate again!

Place Teflon grill sheets on top of your grill plate so you can just wipe off.

7. Onion for grill grates goes great guns for BBQ cleaning

Hold half of a cut onion on a fork and scrub over the BBQ grill grates for localised steam cleaning.

8. How to clean a BBQ lava rocks without a volcano

Either soak lava rocks in a bucket of dish detergent water or discard and replace the lava rocks, as needed.

9. No scratch scrubbers for smooth shiny stainless steel sheen & glossy gleam BBQ cleaning

Don't scratch your stainless stell with abrasives. Use no scratch scrubbers to protect the finish.

10. Soapy water leak test for safety after BBQ cleaning

Spray the gas valve, regulator and hose with soapy water to check for leaks.

11. The final step in BBQ cleaning: Seasoning the grill

Coat clean cooking surfaces with cooking oil, turn on the heat, close the grill for about 20 minutes then wipe clean with a fresh damp cloth.

12. No high pressure BBQ cleaner

Avoid grease flying everywhere and clogging the burner.

13. No harsh BBQ cleaning chemicals

Protect your BBQ finishes and avoid a bad taste on your next use.

14. Steel wool and stainless steel don't play well together when BBQ cleaning

Don't scratch your stainless stell with steel wool. Use no scratch scrubbers to protect the finish.

15. BBQ cleaning with aluminium foil incineration is a no-no

Avoid permanent damage to your BBQ grill.

See more details below for all of the above BBQ cleaning tips.

Lets’ face it, no one likes BBQ cleaning. There are some simple how to clean a BBQ cleaning tips that are established as the  best way to clean a BBQ quickly and easily. See how to clean a BBQ plate and how to clean stainless steel BBQ finish made easy.

We’ll tell you all about the easy way to clean BBQ grill and all of the BBQ cleaning advice but we also need to chat about the things NOT to do when BBQ cleaning.

But first, here is a summary of the best way to clean a BBQ cleaning tips for how to clean a BBQ grill...

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