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Area Heaters: NSW Bans Certain Outdoor Area Heaters

Area Heaters

Area Heaters are outdoor patio heaters with a low profile, as opposed to the traditional tall patio heaters. They are a compact alternative to the tall mushroom style patio heaters. They are strictly for outdoor use only.

Area heaters have been gaining in popularity because they are easier to move and store. They also work better were there is a patio cover that may have limited clearance.

NSW Bans Certain Outdoor Area Heaters

NSW Office of Fair Trading have issued an order to prohibit the sale or supply of all non-compliant outdoor gas heaters known as ‘Area Heaters’ in the State of New South Wales. The outdoor area heaters banned do not include the tall ‘mushroom’ patio heaters.

The four examples of banned area heaters shown below are the sample pictures exhibited in the Order.

They are also known as or referred to as Decorative Outdoor Heaters, Column Heaters and Pyramid Heaters.

Many are cylindrical in shape with the burner being about 1-1.5m above the ground.

‘Flame tube’ heaters also fall into the category of banned area heaters and are affected by the prohibition.

Why is NSW Prohibiting Sales of These Area Heaters?

The Office believes that this type of area heater does not comply with the applicable Australian Standard.

Their main concern appears to be the distance between the gas bottle and the burner.

The Standard reads as shown below, in SCHEDULE 1.

The targeted area heaters are those that do not have the 1.8m distance between the ground and the heating surface.

They are also concerned that people will be tempted to use these outdoor area heaters indoors, because of their size and portability.  This poses an extreme safety hazard, as it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


There is also concern that the burner being at a lower height poses a greater risk of burns, especially to children, and to clothing catching fire.

It is important to note that these area heaters would still be certified for use in Australia and that the retailers involved in the sale of these area heaters have done nothing wrong.

This is a case of where the certification agencies have had a different interpretation of the Standard from the one being taken by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

The Actual Order

The order reads as follows:


CLAUSE 15(2)

To all persons:

I, MATTHEW MYERS, Manager, Energy and Utilities, Fair Trading Specialist Services, NSW Fair Trading, as delegate on behalf of the Director-General, and having reasonable grounds to believe that:

(a)gas appliance(s) commonly known as “area heaters” that are manufacturered, certified and approved showing full compliance in accordance with the Australian Standard 5263:2017 are acceptable gas appliances that can be sold in the state of New South Wales, provided that they are certified by an authorised Certifying Assessment Body, and used in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions,

make this an order to revoke the previous order, dated 24 October 2014, and allow the sale or supply of all gas appliances known as “area heaters” in New South Wales which are manufacturered, certified and approved showing full compliance with the Australian Standard 5263:2017.

DATED the 10th day of July 2018


Sample pictures of area heaters


In this Order:

“Director General” means the Commissioner for Fair Trading, Department of Finance and Services.

“area heater” means an outdoor space heating appliance other than a table top appliance where the burner and combustion product outlet are less than 1.8m from the ground and complying with the Australian Standard AS 5263:2017.


“Area heaters” are also known as or referred to as decorative outdoor heaters, column heaters, and pyramid Heaters.
Australian Standard 5263:2017


1.3.201 Area Heater

An outdoor space heating appliance other than a table top appliance where the burner and combustion product outlet are less than 1.8m from the ground.

What if I Already Own a Banned Area Heater?

This is not a recall of area heaters.

It only applies to the sale and supply of these area heaters in NSW.

The risk is relatively small inasmuch as LPG is heavier than air.

Any minor leak will be vented out of the bottom of the heater and is unlikely to come in contact with the ignition source.

However, a catastrophic failure, like a broken gas hose, valve or regulator, could cause a gas cloud large enough to be a safety hazard.

This assumes that the failure doesn’t also extinguish the ignition source.

This is why it is important to periodically inspect and maintain all gas appliances.

Also, make sure children and clothing are kept a safe distance from the unit.

Current owners might wish to consider replacement, if they are concerned.

Finally, be aware that the Prohibition Order also applies to selling these units second hand.  The Office advises to not sell your unit or list it on any auction web sites.

Outdoor Gas Appliance Safety

As with all outdoor gas appliances, you should always follow good safety practice.

This includes inspecting the components and performing a leak test every time you switch gas bottles.


Gas appliance retailers in NSW must not offer the non-compliant area heaters for sale.

In the unlikely event that a retailer is unaware of the order, NSW residents should still observe the prohibition and only purchase compliant heaters.

There are still many compliant models on offer which have been tested by a certified testing authority in Australia.

These appliances will have a compliance label.



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