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What Do LPG Gas & ATM Machines Share?

What does LPG gas have in common with ATM machines? 

HINT: It’s not that you can get money out of the ATM machine to pay for your LPG gas!

What is RAS Syndrome?

ATM machine!!!

So what do they have in common? 

They are both repetitious phrases. 

If you expand the acronyms, you are literally saying “liquefied petroleum gas gas” and “automatic teller machine machine”.

It turns out there is actually a name for this. 

It's called RAS syndrome, which is short for "redundant acronym syndrome syndrome", which is also a great example of itself.

“YES”, we know…

Throughout our web site and on competitors’ web sites you will see the use of “LPG gas”. 

In fact, every so often a helpful reader will send us an email advising us of our “mistake”.  

To all those caring folks all I can say is “Thank you, yes we know”.

What is the Correct Terminology?

“LP gas” or just “LPG” are the most common technically correct terms. 

“LP gas” is perfect for people who can’t decide between acronyms and words. 

While technically correct, it just isn’t as popular as the erroneous “LPG Gas”. 

I think being grammatically challenged is just way more fun than being indecisive!

People also call it BBQ gas, camping gas, bottled gas, autogas, propane and even liquefied petroleum gas (for people who hate acronyms). 

Reading Which Are the Correct Terms for LPG? will explain it all and put a smile on your face.

Why Do We Use “LPG Gas”?

Being hard to find is not goodWe use “LPG gas” because that’s what the majority of people in Australia call our product. 

Equally important, from a web point of view, that is what people type in when they search for information. 

So, we use it to help people find what they are looking for. 

Being technically correct, but hard to find, doesn’t help anyone.

Gas Bottles vs Gas Cylinders

Gas bottlesThe use of “gas bottles” is another example of using the more common term, even if not precisely correct. 

People in the industry typically use “gas cylinders”, as that is the strictly proper term. 

In fact, the engineers love to give the marketing people flak over this one. 

But the marketing staff find solace in the fact that they have the support of the people!

Jargon Free Zone

When we write blogs or web pages, we make an effort not to use industry jargon, even if technically correct. 

We try to use terminology that most people will understand. 

If we must use jargon, we try very hard to explain the meaning when we use it or we provide a link to an explanation. 

You don’t get any points for confusing people you are trying to help.

To Each His or Her Own!

So, for all the pedants out there, please feel free to use “LP gas cylinders”. 

There is nothing wrong with being an obfuscator. 

However, now that I’ve finished sharing all of this, I think I’ll go to my neighbourhood servo to buy some LPG gas and to get some cash out of their ATM machine…




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