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2 Gas Bottles are Better than 1

Many people wonder why they need two gas bottles for their home LPG instead of just one. 

The simple answer is:

“So you don’t run out of gas”

But even two bottles are no guarantee if you don’t know the “how” and “why”…

Find out:

two 45kg gas bottles♦ Why you only use one gas bottle at a time.

♦ How people manage to run out of gas even with two bottles.

♦ Why having only one gas bottle is a big compromise.

♦ How to get your free 9-page e-book -- The Illustrated Guide to Home LPG

The Seven Tips for Not Running Out of Gas

One at a Time

Two gas bottles on a home.While you have two gas bottles, you only draw gas from one at a time.  

There is a changeover valve installed between the gas bottles and your regulator. 

This valve controls which bottle is in use.

Automatic changeover valves switch from one bottle to the other when the first one is empty. 

Both gas bottle valves are left open so that you do not need to take any action. 

However, some people prefer to manually open the second bottle so that they know when the first bottle is out of gas.

If you have a manual changeover valve you just need to flip the lever when the first bottle runs dry. 

You also need to close the valve on the empty bottle and open the valve on the full bottle.

The Endless Rotating Supply

Rotating gas bottlesThe logic behind two bottles is simple, once you understand the concepts behind it. 

It typically takes over a month to consume the contents of a 45kg gas bottle

For some people it takes many months.

The concept is that you order your gas delivery as soon as the first bottle runs out. 

This provides plenty of time to get your gas delivered with virtually no risk of ever running out.

So How Do People Run Out of Gas?

automatic changeover valveWhile there is a red indicator on automatic changeover valves that indicates one bottle is empty, some people just forget to check (see photo)

The result is that they run out of gas. 

As mentioned earlier, this is why some users choose to manually open the valve on the second bottle. 

That way they know when to order.

People with manual changeover valves should order gas as soon as they switch from the first bottle to the second. 

Unfortunately, some forget to do this and the result is two empty bottles and no gas.

How Do Some Manage with Only One Gas Bottle?

If you elect to only have one gas bottle you also choose to makes compromises. 

Your first option is to run the gas bottle dry and put up with the inconvenience of being without gas until you get a delivery. 

This is far from ideal with cold showers, no gas for cooking and/or no heat as the interim result.

Alternatively, you can continuously check the level of your gas bottle and order when it is near empty. 

The compromise with this option is that you will spend a lot of effort on checking your gas level and eventually you will order before you have fully used the contents. 

As long as you don’t cut it too close, you shouldn’t run out of gas.

The typical result is you are either wasting gas or running out.

This method is OK if you get tanker refills, as you only pay for what you use. 

However, if you get exchange cylinders, you are not getting full value for your money if you haven’t used all the gas.

Bottom line is that having two gas bottles is a much better option.

Help for New Users of Home LPG

New User Guide

If you are a first time user of home LPG, you will probably need additional guidance to explain how everything works.  
The supplier should provide detailed "How-to" instructions and answers to frequently asked questions specifically tailored for new LPG users.
Get your free 9-page e-book -- The Illustrated Guide to Home LPG
It is a pictorial 'How To' explaining everything you need to know.

Seven Tips to Not Run Out of Gas

1. Always order gas as soon as the first bottle runs out. 

2. Remember to order sooner, rather than later, during the busy winter season.

3. Check your gas bottles more often in cold weather.  

4. Additional house guests use more gas so remember to check more often.

5. Check your gas bottles more often if you install additional gas appliances.

6. If you only have one gas bottle, you should consider adding a second bottle. 

7. Consider using an LPG supplier that offers Gas Check Alerts™ by Text (SMS).



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