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New Elgas Web Site with Responsive Web Design 

The Elgas LPG web site has been totally rebuilt to provide an optimal viewing experience with all devices and screen sizes. 

This is especially good news for mobile and tablet users.

The new Elgas web site now automatically reformats itself to fit your screen. 

Responsive Web Design

Elgas responsive web design

It uses a technology call “Responsive Web Design” (RWD) that senses your screen size and reformats the page to fit.

You can actually see Responsive Web Design at work.

If you reduce the size of the window on your desktop or laptop while our web site is displayed you will see something quite amazing. 

You can watch the web site reformat itself as you change the size of the window. 

It reminds me of a Transformers movie, not that I would ever admit to watching one!

 If you are reading this blog on a mobile or tablet, you are already experiencing the new design. 

If you are viewing this on a desktop or laptop, give it a try next time you use your mobile or tablet on the web. 

The image shown is a screen shot from a mobile phone.

 iPhone and iPad Compatibility

iPhone and iPad users will also notice we have greatly improved the functionality for their devices. 

We know that our old web design was not very Apple friendly. 

We’ve addressed the problem issues to provide iPhone and iPad users with a new seamless experience. 

Best of all, NO APPS REQUIRED!

All Content on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike our old mobile web site, which had a limited number of mobile formatted pages, the new site enables mobile and tablet users to access virtually all of our web content in a mobile & tablet friendly format. 

Now you get a great viewing experience no matter where you are and no matter what device you use.

No More Side-to-Side

Having to scroll both horizontally and vertically is a hassle. 

We’ve eliminated the side-to-side scrolling so you simply scroll up and down with a single scroll bar. 

No matter what size screen you are using, the web site now adapts all page articles to fit horizontally.

We’ve also eliminated the dual vertical scroll bars.  

Now there is just one easy-to-use vertical scroll bar at the edge of the page.

Say Goodbye to Our Old Mobile Site

Now that the main web site is compatible with all devices, you will no longer need m.elgas.com.au. 

The new web site provides everything our old mobile site did plus much more. 

If you previously bookmarked our mobile site, you may wish to update your Favourites to the main web address.

A Bit of New Colour and Function

You will also notice that we did a minor facelift to the pages, with a new set of bright and shiny link buttons down the right side. 

These buttons provide quick access to our recently updated Order, Delivery Enquiry, Payment and Account Details pages. 

Give them a try the next time you need to order gas.

Users of devices with telephone connectivity will also appreciate the new live telephone links at the bottom of almost every page. 

Now, if you need to chat with us, just press the link and your device will automatically dial and connect you with the nearest Elgas branch.

Don’t forget to bookmark us or add us to Favourites on your mobile or tablet!




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