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6 Fast & Easy Ways to Order Home LPG

Everyone wants easy ordering of LPG gas combined with reliable service

Here’s how to get it…

The 6 Ways to Order

1.  Automated Tanker Delivery

Automated tanker deliveryThe best way to order home LPG is when you don’t have to order at all!  
Choose our automated tanker delivery and you get a reliable supply of bottled gas automatically delivered to your home. 
We monitor your gas usage & schedule tanker deliveries, as needed.  
No more checking your gas bottles or calling to order gas. 
This is the perfect easy-to-use choice for Homeowners New to LPG.

2.  Online Orders

Our customers can place online gas orders and get a real-time confirmation with a verification number, not just an automated email response.  
You can also verify when you received your last order and check delivery dates of upcoming scheduled orders.
Order LPG gas online
Our Online Services also include EFT or credit card payments though a secure server.  
You can also check your account balance, download duplicate invoices and much more all with just a few clicks.  
Its quick, simple and no special password is required for residential customers.  
Just enter your customer number and surname and you are ready to go.
My Account Online

3.  Mobile Web Site Orders

Our Mobile Web Site is compatible with virtually all smartphones, with no ‘apps’ required. 
You get all of the same functionality as with our regular online service, including orders, confirmations, delivery dates, payments, account balances and more.

4.  SMS (Text) Orders

Order LPG by Text-SMSExclusive to Elgas, SMS (Text) Orders are a great way to order home LPG using any mobile telephone.  
Now you can Order Your Home LPG in 5 Seconds from anywhere in Australia at any time.  
You simply text us a simple order phrase and you get a confirmation Text message right back.
In addition to Text orders, you also get Automatic Gas Check Alerts™ so you'll never forget to check your gas bottles again!  
This system, designed for gas bottle exchange customers, monitors your gas usage history and schedules a Text message reminder whenever it’s time to check you gas bottles.  
You can even forward the Text reminder back to us to create an order, all in about 5 seconds. 

5.  Telephone Keypad Orders

Order LPG with your telephone keypadAn oldie but a goodie. 
You can use our automated keypad ordering system to order your gas. 
You simply follow the voice prompts and place your order.  
This system also allows for telephone credit card payments.  1800 626 988

6.  24/7 Customer Service

We are happy to take your order by phone. 
Our 131 161 national telephone number is linked to a sophisticated call routing system that sends your call to the nearest Elgas branch.
We don’t even use our national call centre during normal business hours.
We believe that being and staying local is a critical part of our customer service and we intend to maintain that philosophy both now and into the future.  
You get better service and we get to keep jobs in your community.

The Choice is Yours

You choose the LPG ordering option that fits your needs and lifestyle.  

We’ll take care of the deliveries.

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