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  • Last Updated: 13 April 2022

17 “How To” Guides for LPG Gas & Appliances

These 17 easy-to-follow instructional resources will provide guidance for all of the most common LPG and gas appliance tasks and projects.  Just click on the titles:

“How To” for LPG Gas

How to Add LPG to Your Home: When you are finally ready to add LPG to your all-electric home, this guide explains the 5 simple steps to follow to have your home LPG gas installed.

How to Operate a Home LPG System: So, you’ve moved into a home with LPG but you don’t know how it all works?  No problem.  This guide describes everything you need to know.

How to Not Run Out of Gas: We know that there is nothing more inconvenient than being out of home LPG gas.  Here are 8 handy tips to help you avoid running out of gas.

How to Check How Much Gas is Left:  Checking the level of remaining gas, in a gas bottle, is an easy process.  Get detailed instructions plus a special quick tip on how to do it.

How to Compare LPG Gas Suppliers:  Whether you are new to LPG or just looking to compare alternative suppliers, there are a number of things to consider when you evaluate LPG suppliers.

“How To” for Gas Appliances

How to Switch to LPG Hot Water: Just follow this easy 6 step process.  We work with you to get you the LPG hot water system you want, a qualified plumber to do the installation and help save you some money, too!

How to Add a Gas Heater: This guide helps you decide on what type and size gas heater you should buy and how to get it installed in 6 simple steps.

How to Add a Gas Fireplace: Some people are wary of adding a gas fireplace because they think that it will be too difficult to install.  Actually, it can be quite simple and it can often be done in just one day.

How to Switch to Gas Cooking:  No matter where you live, you can have gas cooking with LPG gas.  And we make adding LPG gas cooking to your home very easy!  Find out how.

How to Connect & Disconnect a Bayonet Heater: Connecting and disconnecting a gas bayonet heater is easy, once you know how.  This guide explains it all plus a great quick tip on summer heater storage that could save you money.

How to Know What Size Hot Water System to Install:  When it’s time to get a new hot water system, one of the key questions relates to the sizing or capacity of the unit.

How to Know What Size Gas Heater You Need:  It is important to get the right size gas heater for your home.  A number of things need to be considered when determining your heater sizing.

How to Guide for Gas Appliance Maintenance & Service:  Home gas appliances need to be regularly checked and have routine scheduled maintenance.  This is important to maintain proper function and safety.

“How To” for Gas BBQs

How to Attach or Change a BBQ Gas Bottle: This sounds simple but there are a few tricky bits.  If you are new to changing BBQ gas bottles, this page should get you going and do it safely!

How to Clean a Gas BBQ: Lets’ face it, no one likes to clean a BBQ.  Read this Lazy Man’s Guide to Cleaning a Gas BBQ to make it easier and quicker.

How to do a BBQ Gas Leak Test:  It is important to regularly leak test your BBQ gas bottle, regulator and hose.  Leaks from these items are frequently the cause of BBQ gas fires.




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