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No Overseas Call Centres for Elgas

The news is unfortunately full of stories of Australian jobs being shipped overseas with the increasing use of foreign call centres. 
Recently, one of our large multi-energy competitors started using an overseas call centre, which prompted questions regarding our intentions.  
Rest assured, Elgas is NOT planning on exporting any jobs overseas and all of our customer service staff will remain in Australia.

Local, Safe & Reliable

Call centre
Not only do we not believe in using overseas call centres, we don’t even use a national call centre during normal business hours. 
Our 131 161 national telephone number is linked to a sophisticated call routing system that sends your call to the nearest Elgas branch.  
It would not be surprising if the Elgas team member who answers your call is also one of your neighbours!
We believe that you benefit from dealing with locals who know your neighbourhood, the local roads, and even the approaching weather. 
They are also there to help in crunch time, when unexpected things like bushfires and floods may threaten your community.
That same very advanced call routing system changes the call routing after hours and redirects all of the calls to our National Service Centre, located in Australia.
Our National Service Centre team answer the telephone 24/7/365. 
They also monitor the Elgas 24/7 emergency number so someone is always available when you need us.  
In the event of an emergency, the call centre contacts one of your local staff members that are on call for local after hours and in-person response.  
A bit hard to do that long distance!
We believe that being and staying local is a critical part of our customer service and we intend to maintain that philosophy both now and into the future.  
You get better service and we get to keep jobs in your community.

Local, safe and reliable… that’s Elgas!




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