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Effortless LPG - A Quick Self-Assessment

Your home LPG can be as hassle free as natural gas, with our Effortless LPG™ programme.  
This quick self-assessment will let you know if your home installation qualifies for this great LPG gas supply option.

What is Effortless LPG

EasyGas Tanker fillFirst, a brief explanation of Effortless LPG:  
  • Our computer system tracks your gas usage, including seasonal differences.  
  • Using this information, along with the date of your last delivery, the system calculates when you will need your next delivery.   
  • The computer schedules your delivery without you having to check your gas bottles or calling to order. 
  • Your delivery is made automatically by an LPG tanker truck.  
  • We also call this EasyGas®.

How to Do Your Self-Assessment

There are two key requirements for tanker delivery that are different from exchange delivery.


For safe filling, the tanker driver must have a clear line-of-sight between your gas bottles and the location where he parks the tanker.  
The following illustration shows this, along with the standard clearances required from wall openings in your home.
LPG gas bottle-cylinder placement illustration

Ignition Sources:

Light switch can be an ignition sourceThe minimum safe distance from your gas bottles to ignition sources is a bit greater with tanker delivery.  
At ground level the minimum safe distance is 3.5m versus 1.5m for exchange gas bottles.  
Ignition sources include all electrical gear like electrical switches, power points, air conditioners, compressors, pumps, lights, movement sensors, bug zappers, etc.  
Basically anything that can potentially spark. 
Of course, it also includes your gas hot water heater, pool heater, barbecues, patio heaters or anything else with a flame.  
The following illustration shows the required clearance.
LPG gas bottle-cylinder ignition source exclusion zone for tanker filling

What if You Find a Problem?

What if your home’s installation doesn’t meet the requirements? 
Fear not, you can always call your gas fitter and have him relocate your gas bottles to a location that meets the requirements.  
Assuming your home does meet the requirement for tanker delivery, all you need to do is give us a call on 131 161 and ask to be switched over to tanker delivery*. 
The gas bottles for tanker filling have a different valve so we just need to come out and switch your gas bottles. 
There is no charge for being switched over, aside from the gas, and you will receive full credit for any gas remaining in your exchange gas bottles.  
This great option is available to existing Elgas customers, as well as new customers  
What next? 
Just imagine no more checking gas bottles or ordering gas. 
You just sit back and relax while we handle everything!
*Tanker delivery is only available in areas serviced directly by Elgas branches. 
Tanker delivery is not available from independent Elgas Distributors and in some other areas.
Comments, questions or feedback?
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