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10 Reasons Why Swap is Better than Refilling

Why should you use swap instead of refilling? The simple answer is that you are getting much more than just the gas and there is no waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station…


Here are some examples of the extra services* provided to swap customers:

1. The gas bottles are collected from your local dealer and transported back to the processing plant.

The gas bottles are then washed to remove any dirt or BBQ grease.

2. The gas bottles are refurbished to ‘near new’ condition.

With the largest supplier, over 50% of the gas bottles are repainted before refilling.

Gas bottles with heavy rust are shot blasted down to the bare metal and then primed and repainted.

3. Most accept out-of-date gas bottles at no extra charge.

They check the inspection date on every gas bottle before filling.

They only refill those with valid test dates.

4. If a gas bottle has reached its expiry, they perform all of the required inspections, refurbish it, put in brand new valve and then apply a new date stamp.

For more information on gas bottle testing, please see Gas Bottle-Cylinder Testing Facts.

5. They recycle thousands of gas bottles every year that do not meet their quality and safety standards.

They also make them ‘safe’ for recycling by removing any traces of gas so that our recycling friends can stay safe, too.

Please also see:

Safe Disposal & Recycling of Gas Bottles

6. They uses digital scales to ensure proper and safe filling based on weight.

They set the scales for each individual gas bottle, based on its empty (tare) weight.

This avoids dangerous overfilling or lost value through under filling.

With swap, you know you are always getting what you pay for.

7. They typically perform two leak checks on each gas bottle.

The largest supplier has a safety record that is second to none.

Nothing is more important to them than the safety of their customers, employees and the community.

8. They cover the gas bottles with protective netting to help prevent scrapes and scratches during transport.

The largest supplier applies a yellow quality assurance seal around the gas bottle collar so you know that the gas bottle was filled and safety checked.

9. The gas bottles are transported to and from their refurbishment and filling plants so that you get a ‘near new’, fully inspected, accurately filled and leak checked gas bottle ready to go, with no waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station.

10. Swap is available Australia wide, from about 5,000 locations, so you should never have far to drive. Again, there is no waiting to refill gas bottle at petrol station.


Swap is Fast, Safe and Easy!

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*All examples are based on SWAP’n’GO®


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