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Cooking For Life Update

COOKING FOR LIFE is a five-year global plan developed to reduce death and illness caused by lack of access to clean cooking fuels.

The aim is to help one billion people transition from cooking with traditional fuels to cleaner-burning LPG by 2030.

COOKING FOR LIFE focuses on bringing LPG to places that need it most. 
By offering a clean energy alternative, the campaign strives to combat the public health hazard of indoor air pollution that kills some four million people annually.
Cooking For Life Infographic
Around three billion people in developing countries still rely on solid fuels, including traditional biomass or coal, for cooking on primitive stoves or open fires.  
The cost, in socioeconomic terms, is enormous. 
Exposure to indoor air pollution from cooking with these fuels causes an estimated four million people premature deaths annually as a result of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 
It also creates ill-health and the loss of productivity among millions more. 
In addition, it entails a waste of productive time and energy, encourages deforestation, and contributes to global warming and to air pollution.  
Switching to LPG, for cooking, would greatly improve their quality of life while providing social, economic and environmental benefits.  
The socioeconomic impact, of household energy interventions in developing countries, is large. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in a scenario in which 50% of the people using solid fuels worldwide switch to using LPG, total economic benefits amount to roughly US$90 billion per year compared with net costs of changing at only US$13 billion.  
Time savings and health related productivity gains account for most of the economic benefits.  
These benefits provide a strong justification for decisive policy action by governments to accelerate switching to LPG and other clean fuels and facilities.
For more information, please visit www.cooking-for-life.org
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