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Rockall is a tiny islet approximately 300 km west of the island of St Kilda, Scotland and 430km from the nearest point on the Irish mainland.

Rockall measures about 31m by 25m, with an 21m high summit.  

Rockall is a tiny islet approximately 300 km west of the island of St Kilda, Scotland

It is constantly battered by Atlantic storms and regularly washed over by large storm waves. 

In short, it is an unpleasant rock in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped four countries from claiming it, including Denmark (for the Faroe Islands), Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

Go figure?

Only four people have ever spent more than one night on Rockall, since the first landing in 1811. 

Which raises the question: “Why would you want to?”

Well, Nick Hancock has a reason. 


Nick is organising ROCKALL SOLO, an endurance expedition to raise funds for Help for Heroes

Nick is planning on staying for 60 days to set two new endurance records: the longest ever solo stay on Rockall and the longest occupation of Rockall ever. 

Nick will be living in a tiny 150kg capsule, called the RockPod, which will be secured to anchors drilled into the rock. 

The RockPod will be his only refuge from the stormy Atlantic. 

Nick will take the supplies he will need to survive, including LPG and LPG cooking and hot water equipment. 

Nick is planning to make his attempt in May 2013.

Nick is organising ROCKALL SOLO

The WLPGA is one of Nick’s sponsors, to showcase how LPG is an exceptional energy in extremely off-grid and isolated conditions. 

You would be hard pressed to find a place more off-grid and isolated than Rockall!

To keep track of Nick’s efforts, you can follow him at:


LPG is an Exceptional Energy!

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