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Elgas quietly supports the community & you can, too

Someone once said that the only true form of philanthropy is when it is anonymous. 
Elgas subscribes to that philosophy, as we have been quietly supporting the Australian community for years. 
We don’t make a big deal about it nor do we expect anything in return. 
With the exception of a single informational web page, you will never find mention of it in any of our national marketing materials.
Robert Bosch GmbH, the maker of Bosch appliances, also follows this philosophy. 
Most aren’t even aware that it is 92% owned by a charitable organisation, as they are forbidden from mentioning it in the course of business. 
Nearly all of the profits distributed to shareholders are devoted to humanitarian causes.
However, at this time of year we want to encourage giving back to the community by those of us who have been blessed by good fortune. 
To inspire others, we will make an exception to our philosophy and discuss some of our community involvement.
The magnitude of what we do will surprise many.  
Elgas, our parent company and our employees contributed a combined $430,000 to the Queensland flood appeal. 
We also contributed $100,000 to help our kiwi friends after the Christchurch earthquake.
Elgas similarly supports charitable organisations. C
amp Quality, for children with cancer, has been one of our special projects for many years. 
To date, we have raised about $470,000 for Camp Quality to help create a better life for children living with cancer in Australia.
There are also a multitude of local projects that get support. 
Children’s programmes, community organisations and events, as well as local sporting groups and their events are the main beneficiaries.
So, this holiday season, please do what you can for the less fortunate. 
Drop a gold coin or two in the bucket when you see one of the Salvos volunteers. 
Contribute unneeded household items to the Salvos or St. Vinnies Op Shop in your community.
If you cannot afford to give, you might consider volunteering your time to help a local group that supports those in need. 
Anything you can do will help and, if you choose to do it anonymously, you will still have the satisfaction of knowing that you assisted others.




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