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  • Last Updated: 08 December 2021

Hide Those Home LPG Gas Bottles!

As much as I love LPG, I have to admit that 45kg gas bottles do not qualify as a home decorator accessory.
In fact, they are pretty unattractive.

The Solution to the Problem

The good news is that you no longer have to look at your gas bottles.

You can now hide them underground!

How is it done?

A new underground LPG storage system has been developed to solve the problem.

It’s called EasyGas DownUnder.

The Bits & Pieces

At the heart of the system is an exterior canister made from 100% recycled polyethylene.

This canister is buried in the ground.

The only thing you see is the canister lid, which sits flush with the ground.

Within the canister is a 90kg gas bottle that is especially designed for this system, with hot dip galvanising to provide cathode protection against rust.

The Advantages

There are many advantages to this underground storage system including:

  • An aesthetically pleasing gas option in areas without natural gas
  • A flush lid that provides clean sight lines from all directions
  • Saving of valuable yard space
  • Applicability to  residential or light commercial use, for both new and retro-fit installations
  • Being safely away from all artificial ignition sources such as hot water pilot lights, air conditioner compressor motors and electrical power points, as required by code
  • Placement near the street property boundary to facilitate easy automatic tanker delivery
  • Elimination of access problems, such as locked gates and unfriendly pets
  • Supply to buildings with no side or backyard access, such as multi-unit homes and commercial structures. Multiple units can also be installed.
  • Easy installation, with no special equipment required

Perfect for Bushfire Areas

The lid is made from a flame retardant material.

This, combined with the fact that the gas bottle is underground, makes the EasyGas DownUnder system a great choice for bushfire areas.



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